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April 2020
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CEO 4-23-2020

Hello friends. Chances are you are spending a good deal of time and energy gathering information about and having conversations about COVID-19 and the economic downturn. 

Good times, bad times, challenging times unprecedented times. Your support of our Community Foundation means that together, we make times better no matter the current conditions. 

Thanks to your encouragement, your participation and your generosity we deeply feel called to serve our community in whatever circumstances we encounter. 

You may be curious about how your community is doing and what needs and challenges are unfolding. And we are concerned about all of you too.

I hope you are well and taking care of yourself, your family and friends and community.

COVID-19 Response Fund Impact News
Donors financial gifts to the COVID-19 Response Fund has resulted in major support in our community. In just five weeks, there has been an outpouring and we are awed and humbled.  Nearly $300,000 is being deployed to help Tompkins County resident.s To all donors reading this, you are amazing, thank you!

Recipient organizations receiving funds are providing basic needs such as childcare, food and shelter.  In coordination with other local funders, of the $338,468 granted out so far, 500% or more than $171,000  come from Community Foundation. One example of combining resources from Community Foundation, United Way and Legacy Foundation to Salvation Army for food services

COVID-19 Response Fund grants have helped the following organizations:

Child Development Council
Ithaca Carshare
Salvation Army
Catholic Charities
GIAC's Robin Fund
Cornell Cooperative Extension's Healthy Food for All
Golden Opportunities

Many donor advised fund grants have helped the above organizations and:

Food Bank of the Southern Ties
Food Net Meals on Wheels
Loaves & Fishes
Downtown Ithaca Children's Center
Achievements in 1Q20 #s:
Donors, Gifts and Grants Build Assets 
for Greater Impact

Tompkins County thrives thanks to generous donors like you.

Meet New Board Member
Basil Safi 

Basil has served as the Executive Director of Cornell University's Office of Engagement Initiatives since June 2015. He has 17 years of international and domestic experience in the management, design and implementation of public health, engineering, agricultural, and strategic health communication programs. Basil is accomplished in the areas of stakeholder negotiation, business development, creative problem solving, navigating complex national/state policies, and improving operational efficiency. He has expertise in higher education administration, program management, strategic project design, capacity building, advocating for policy change, and technical facilitation.
Take Action: Volunteer, Learn & Be Counted


United Way is the go to place for volunteering during the COVID-19 Crisis

Tompkins County Health Department is the go to place for local COVID-19 information

Human Services Coalition's 2-1-1 is the go to place for information and referral for supportive programs and services

Participate and be counted in the 2020 Census
Mark Your Calendar 
2020 Anniversary Events Ahead! 
 Special Virtual Event #1

Save the Date!
June 4, 2020
12:00-12:45 p.m. 
Recognize Gratitude 

Our first virtual Annual Celebration will be informative and fun 

Share the Stimulus

Here is an idea if you don't need the extra federal stimulus check resources for your own financial stability. We encourage you to share your stimulus with the Community Foundation to address needs in our community. 

We are leaning into creative solutions to the problems caused by this public-health crisis. We are planning for the future and we need your help. Donor giving comes from the heart, and gifts of every size make a difference! 

If it fits for you and if now is the right time, we'd love for you to help us, help others.