Philanthropy Magnified Impact Report
February 2017
Love of Place Across Miles

Out of Town Donations Supported by Community Foundation Expertise


"We are delighted to be able to make an initial contribution to Community Foundation. We look forward to making it in the years to come," the couple said in January 2017.

In the Spring of 2016, George Ferrari had the pleasure and honor of exploring "interesting projects" with a couple, originally from Ithaca. Even though no longer residents, they want to express their gratitude for all that Ithaca and Tompkins County made possible in their lives. George suggested ways he could serve in an advisory capacity, sharing data on needs of the community.

In the fall, a board member and George took them out for breakfast when the California couple were in Ithaca visiting their grandson, a student at Cornell. George was able to answer their questions and they both said that they "better understood and appreciated the work of Community Foundation."

The wonderful news ... last month we were deeply gratified to see their desire for giving back to this region with a HEROES Circle-level gift ($1,000 or more) to benefit current residents. We look forward to working with this couple on sharing the impact of this gift as they seek to maintain connections to the Ithaca area.

By the way, their generosity continues through additional support to a church in Freeville and interest in helping a Finger Lakes community college day care center.
 Memorial Funds Receive Many Gifts from Loved Ones in Communities Outside of Tompkins County

Memorial fund logos
When a loved one from our community passes away, there are often many family and friends in places other than Tompkins County. At important dates, such as observance of a birthday or the date of someone's passing, donors typically make gifts as an expression of their love and remembrance. Community Foundation recognizes that connections cross time and place to maintain our love for important people in our lives.

Making your gift to our new Community Memorial Fund celebrates the lives of a loved one, client, colleague, or friend who has passed away with a donation of any size and without having to create a new fund. Your gift continues to benefit the communities where they have lived. Proceeds from the  Community Memorial Fund  will support Community Foundation grants, programs, and services.
       A Family Living In Other Places Supporting Local Needs 

Falls in Ithaca NY
One generation of a local family started a donor advised fund with us years ago. Now, a pair of siblings from the second generation of this family, both living out of state, is serving as donor advisors. Even with busy lives and young families in two other communities, they stay committed to making grant nominations supporting Ithaca. They respond to grant applications shared with them as part of our philanthropic services identifying needs that match their charitable goals. For these two young adults, community is not limited to residency but rather a strong connection to their childhood hometown.

Please contact us to explore ways in which we can serve your family.
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