Philanthropy Magnified Impact Report
January 2018
Reflecting on 2017 & Launching Into 2018

Bunching Donations in New Tax Era
New Tax Plan and Impact on Nonprofit Sector and Charitable Donors


The new year brings  new tax legislation with many concerns about impact on charitable giving. Your individual or corporate tax situation is unique and Community Foundation encourages you to consult your tax advisors. If charitable giving in 2018 is part of what your advisor recommends in light of the new tax regulations, we have a wide variety of plans and services to meet your needs. Please email Philanthropic Services Officer Amy LeViere or Chief Development Officer Nancy Massicci or call 272-9333 so that we may assist you. Some recent articles on this topic are posted below for your review.

16 New Funds in 2017

Thank you to our generous donors who have made these new funds possible.
Our most recent funds that opened in the last quarter of 2017 include:

  • Caroline Ulrey Cox & Gerry Cox Tompkins County Public Library        Endowment Fund
  • Environmental Education Endowment Fund
  • Flamingo Fund
  • Mathios Family Fund
  • McPheron Family Fund
  • Tompkins Today and Tomorrow Endowment Fund
  • Women's and Children's Projects Endowment Fund



Women's and Children's Projects Endowment Fund

An anonymous donor opened a new fund to  provide a sustainable source of funding for projects in these two targeted areas; allowing flexibility in any given year to whichever area of need seems the most pressing.    CFTC Funds online

Community Foundation in the Community 


In 2018, your Community Foundation staff is going on the road to strengthen our relationships and build our knowledge to gain first hand experiences with local providers and program participants of basic services. These basic services are evidence of how our amazing nonprofit sector provides care and support for our community. Each month we will visit an agency to respectful learn more and hear how Community Foundation can deepen our collaborations to better serve our community. We start this commitment in January with a visit to Loaves & Fishes.

In future enewsletters we will report what we learn and where we will be visiting next.

Achievements in 2017 #s:
Donors, Gifts, and Grants Build Resources 
for Greater Impact

Donors at our Philanthropy Magnified Reception Celebrating Programs and Services Support and Planned Gifts

Tompkins County thrives thanks to engaged philanthropy.
2017 Results (Gifts, Grants, Assets)
# of donors =  657                                                 
# of gifts =  1,303                                              
$ of gifts =  $3,682,825

# of grants =  418
$ of grants =  $1,555,217   

$ assets = $18,200,000
investment return= 10.68%    
(unaudited )
In May, our 2017 annual report will include stories behind these wonderful numbers.
MLK Day Celebrations
GIAC Fund Recognition 

Community Foundation staff participated in two Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. events during the holiday this month. The GIAC Breakfast and the multi-agency sponsored community lunch were exciting events focusing on celebration and plans to take action. Community Foundation's GIAC Endowment Fund continues to make annual grants to support their food and tech programs and to date has contributed more than $100,000.

A highlight was an effort to engage people in supporting the Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for a Moral Revival

2018 Events Calendar 

Planning for Community Foundation events in 2018
(dates subject to change, details forthcoming)

Let's Talk Philanthropy: varied interests and issues  January - June

Professional Advisors Lunch March 1

Women's Fund Spring Tea April 15

Donor Advisor Luncheon  April

Special NEW Event: Annual Celebration of Impact & Grants  May 22

Closer Look Site Visits J uly - Sept

Summer Open House August

Philanthropy Magnified Reception September 20

Women's Fund Celebration October 23

Holiday Open House December 7

Check back HERE for the latest on Community Foundation events