Philanthropy Magnified Impact Report
March 2018
Community Connections

Library Grant Cycle
reaches $1Million
Local libraries receive over $1M!  I n its 8th year, the Community Foundation Library Grant Cycle has now invested $1,019,398 into our regional libraries. Exciting and  transformative results especially for rural communities .

This month, 35 library applicants received funding. Thank you to the eight member review team who carried out a rigorous review process.  A highly attended award celebration on March 15th at the Finger Lakes Library System, can be seen here 2018 Summer Reading Meeting.

Tompkins County Public Library staff expressed the local impact, "The Library Grant Cycle funding enables us to make in-school and off-site visits, making deeper connections with children who may not regularly visit the library, and to create an association between children and the library so that they see the TCPL as a positive, welcoming, and fun place. It allows us to get books in the hands of children and to grow his/her home library. It helps us to facilitate a lifelong joy of reading in children. Support of programs like Summer Reading Program helps create a sense of belonging in children, a sense of ownership that this is THEIR library that they will hopefully carry throughout their lives."

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Strengthening our Community:
Resilience and Cultural Pride


In our Community Foundation Spring Grant Cycle of 2017, 22 grants  from the Howland Fund (assets held at M&T Bank), donor advised funds, and field of interest funds made a difference in the areas of aging, youth, animal welfare and environmental preservation . Grant cycle overview:  CLICK HERE

One example is No Mas Lagrimas a local organization celebrating the cultural blend of Native, African and Hispanic roots which received a $5,000 grant. This allowed members to gather supplies for Puerto Rican families impacted by Hurricane Maria, and to connect and celebrate Latino heritage and culture over a two-day festival. In addition, children impacted by incarceration bonded with each other and adult mentors to strengthen resilience, cultural pride and connection to humanity. For more information, No Mas Lagrimas has a Facebook page:  CLICK HERE

Volunteer Spotlight

Every year Community Foundation carries out several grant cycles.  Volunteers are invited to be part of an  engaged community member  review team. Team members review various applications and make recommendations to our board for funding.  Applications only tell part of the story about the needs in our community.   Our review team members get a more thorough idea of needs and the services carried out to meet those needs. We hope for a diverse and inclusive group  of people who have used local services themselves or live alongside those who do.  Thank you to our community volunteers!

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Sister Friends celebrates women 
during Women's History Month
Sister Friends Luncheon
Ithaca College, March 16, 2018

Community Foundation's Women's Fund made a recent grant to Sister Friends 2018,  an annual gathering of women celebrating, honoring,  and inspiring women of all ages! Nearly 375 women enjoyed vendors, performances, and a keynote message of embracing our uniqueness and encouraging support of one another to uplift and inspire each other and our community.

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Johnson Community Impact Fund 
giving back to the local community

Johnson Community Impact Fund Annual Auction
March 15, 2018

For community foundations, success means growing philanthropy. We nurture an environment in which local people are able to make meaningful change by giving back. A great example is the Johnson Community Impact Fund, established in 2001 by Johnson students at Cornell University. In 17 years, this business school student led club has invested over $150,000 in 50 grants and works to connect donors at all levels, and makes difference right where the students live. Each year Johnson Club's local giving stays alive! This year's three recipients of the Club's philanthropy: 
  • Cancer Resource Center - "Because no one should face cancer alone." 
  • Ithaca Child Care Center - A nationally recognized day care center
  • Foodbank of the Southern Tier - Serving six counties with fresh food

Thank you and best wishes to the Johnson School Impact Club students and Board President, Matthew N. Ford '19.

2018 Events Calendar 

You Won't Want to Miss This!
Come to honor members of our community and hear inspiring stories!

Community Foundation Annual Celebration Luncheon
Inspiring Stories, Empowering Community
Tuesday, May 22nd
Noon - 2:00 PM
Ithaca, NY

It's ALL because of YOU! 
Your gifts make for inspiring stories.

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