Philanthropy Magnified Impact Report
November 2016
Community Needs, Community Resources,
Housing Challenges
Hot Topic: Housing Summit 

Attend a special planning session to begin to form strategies and solutions to one of our area's major problems which negatively impacts economic development, the environment and social justice.

Share Your Housing Story: How does housing development or lack of housing affect you? Upload a video or audio clip, share your photos, write your story.
Don't Miss: Housing Summit Special Keynote November 30

Attend this unique program to learn more about how communities have addressed their housing challenges.  Christopher Coes, Smart Growth America,  will share insights to help our community overcome hurdles and identify innovative housing opportunities. Coes, joined by local experts, will share results of recent housing studies, discuss the effects, and outline possible solutions

Our Donors Housing Grant Making

Since inception, Community Foundation has made nearly $190,000 of grants to a variety of organizations addressing housing issues in Tompkins County:

INHS and Better Housing for Tompkins County

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