Philanthropy Magnified Impact Report
October 2019
Cultivating Confidence and Building Skills
Heidi Goldstein Honored for Volunteer Work with Laura Holmberg Award

Heidi Goldstein, founder of a project that delivers food to needy families in Tompkins County at the end of each summer, has been chosen the 2019 Laura Holmberg Award by the Women's Fund of the Community Foundation.

The award, which recognizes unsung heroes in the community who have made an impact through volunteer work, was presented at the Women's Fund Celebration on Oct. 17 at Ithaca College, attended by 250 people. The award was established in 2006 by Anna Holmberg, a lawyer with Coughlin & Gerhart, LLP in Ithaca, in remembrance of her mother.

"Heidi's history of working to make lives better for people, often through creative initiatives, spans many years," says Stacey Murphy, chair of the Women's Fund Advisory Committee, which selects the award recipient. "The Ithaca Rotary Harvest shows one way of how she creatively combined different areas of her life - education, love of children and healthy food - to address a need she saw in her community."

Since Goldstein started the Ithaca Rotary Harvest in 2007, the program has delivered food to 84 families, including 297 children, on the last three Saturdays in August. She created the project to serve families with a child in the Ithaca City School District's pre-K program at a time when federally subsidized free meals are not available.

"I wanted more fresh fruits and vegetables going to families who were not able to get them," Goldstein says. "And I wanted to do something in my own neighborhood. Rotary does so much worldwide, but I wanted to stay home and do it here."

The project is organized by the Ithaca Rotary Club, which donates $1,000 annually to supplement the produce with grocery staples, in a collaboration with the school district, and the farmers' market. The project is one of the many ways Goldstein has made a difference in the lives of children in Tompkins County.   (read more)
Building Skills and Cultivating Confidence

Ten years ago Groundswell Center for Local Food and Farming was founded by a group of farmers, community members, food activities, academics and extension associates to train and cultivate the next generation of sustainable farmers in the Finger Lakes.   Groundswell continues to train beginning farmers through:
  • Farm Business Incubator Program
  • Hands-on Workshops & trainings programs out in the field
  • Mentorship & Farmer to Farmer Networking
  • Farm Business Courses and 1-1 business guidance
Over the last four years, efforts were re-centered on supporting people of color, refugees, women, and people from marginalized groups to gain experience in farming and food production and take part in training programs to make farming a viable business or career.

The entire Women on the Land Workshop series has been offered on with sliding scale fees and with solidarity pricing- which supported people of color to attend at half the cost.
  • With demonstrated impact from the workshops and quotes from participants, Groundswell was able to leverage the women's fund grant and success of Women on the Land to secure a large federal grant to expand efforts to not only keep offering the Workshops series for three years but also expand other program areas!
  • The Women's Fund grant was not only an investment into the women in this community so they could build confidence, skill and self-sufficiency,
  • but it was investment in a small and growing nonprofit that enabled Groundswell to demonstrate success and the track record needed to secure larger and longer-term funding.
Funding from the Women's Fund continues to provide needed support for this project and others.   CLICK HERE for more information about the impact of this project and others supported by the Women's Fund

"A Growing Promise" challenge gift of $10,000 encourages new Legacy Society memberships - Super Goal Set


10 new members reached and a SUPER goal of 15 set!

A generous anonymous donor challenged the Community Foundation to grow and encourage new Legacy Society memberships in 2019 with a $10,000 gift toward operating support. For every new Legacy Society member, up to 10 members, we receive operating support from an anonymous donor!
"A Growing Promise" campaign is growing loyal donors who have made a planned gift: the goal of 10 new members has been reached and a SUPER goal of 15 is set for an additional $5,000 toward operating support!
As of October, 12 new individuals or couples (list below) have made their commitment known to us. Currently, 93 Legacy Society members have designed their philanthropy to leave a gift to the Community Foundation of Tompkins County. Each generous individual is recognized through our Legacy Society. Members understand the power of the Community Foundation and know that the assets they leave to us will support good work for generations to come. Most importantly, they love Tompkins County and want to see it thrive forever.
We are very grateful for the anonymous donor! The investment in our community is encouraging others to deepen their support. We are hoping to reach the super goal with 3 more members by December 31, will you help?

Membership gives us a chance to thank generous individuals now. So thank you to each of our newest members:
  • Millie Clarke-Maynard
  • Marlaine and Richard Darfler
  • Carol Kammen
  • Carolyn McPherson
  • Tapan Mitra*
  • Jane Mt. Pleasant
  • Frank and Melanie Towner
  • Charlie and Nancy Trautmann
  • Jeanne A. White*

Your planned gift can enable us to grow too.  If you'd like to learn more please contact Nancy Massicci, Chief Development Officer, at
She will describe examples of gifts of all sizes from Legacy Society members to improve this community. 

Global Roots Play School

Ithaca Welcomes Refugees (IWR) is a volunteer-led initiative, founded in December 2015, as a result of collective community reaction to the global refugee crisis. IWR works to foster a welcoming and fair environment for refugees and immigrants in our region.  A recent grant from the Johnson Impact Fund supports this work.

Through discussion with the BOCES ESL program, Tompkins Learning Partners, and families participating in IWR programming, IWR leadership became aware of a long-standing barrier to accessing English language learning in Ithaca. In order to attend classes, parents of very young children need affordable childcare in the downtown area. 

That is where Global Roots Play School enters the picture!  Global Roots Play School is an early childhood center that prioritizes providing:
  • High quality and affordable childcare in close proximity to English Language Classes and Tompkins Learning Partners
  • Culturally-sensitive, play-based care where children feel nurtured while experiencing socialization
  • School and community support for families
Global Roots Play School values building an interconnected community, and Ithaca families who do not attend ESL classes are welcome to enroll, as space is available.  

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