December 30, 2018                                                     Issue No. 33

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To our LifeNets Supporters and Friends! 

Thank you for your interest in the work of LifeNets. We thank all of our donors who have enthusiastically helped people make quantum changes in their lives and become successful in providing for themselves and their families. That is the mission of LifeNets.

Bev Kubik
This has been another good year as we enter our 20th year of operation. We started with our work in Chernobyl, Ukraine even prior to our incorporation in 1999. This led to work in Malawi that led to Guatemala that led to El Salvador that led to Zambia and on and on. We marvel ourselves where the LifeNets path has taken us. We have been very gratified by not only the healthy outcomes in people's lives, but my husband I have also appreciated the many many lifelong friendships we have developed all over the world.
My husband and I traveled to India in October and will be starting an initiative to help people there. Be watching for our new INDIA PAGE on our Website coming in the next few weeks.
We thank our LifeNets board of directors who have given us support and empowerment to accomplish all that has been done.
We also thank those who have taken a special focus and specific interest in projects such as providing scholarships and financing boreholes that provide fresh water to entire communities in Africa.  In our last Annual Report we mention that 126 students received $100,465 from the scholarship fund. 
But, because of new tax laws and other factors, donations have been less this year than in the past. We may have to scale down some of our services as a result.

Please continue to donate as you are able, we cannot do it without your help.
Thank you for making LifeNets the charity of your choice.  

For those wishing to contribute by check, the address is

LifeNets International
1227 Woodchase Trl
Batavia, OH 45103

Here are three new postings that you may be interested in. 
  1. Annual Report for 2017
  2. IRS 990 Filing for 2017
  3. 2019 Calendar. If you have not received one in the mail, please contact me at [email protected] and I'll send you one right away. Please give me your mailing address. 
You may be already doing so, but if you shop at Amazon, you can automatically donate to LifeNets by typing in in the URL address line. Then choose LifeNets as your charity to support and a percentage of your purchase will come directly to LifeNets. You can also add an extension to your browser called "smilematic." You can see a short 30 second video at for instructions.

Thank you for making LifeNets the charity of your choice. Be sure to visit our LifeNets website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed as well as our LifeNets blog for up to date information about ongoing projects.
Our love and appreciation to all of you!     
Beverly Kubik  
Philippines Prison Project
We are so happy to receive this encouraging report about the completion of a LifeNets project and its dedication that took place September 17, 2018. The project provided a borehole, water tank and visitor kiosks. It will change the quality of life for incarcerated ladies in a women's prison on the island of Davao in the Philippines.  One of the principals in this project is Jed Sy, member of the United Church of God, who is incarcerated there.  I visited her and her brother in separate prisons in 2013 and wrote about it at:

and posted this earlier on this site at:

-- Vic Kubik

Here is the report sent to us by David Dobson, Senior Pastor for the Philippines:

Denise and I had a wonderful day at the Correctional Institute for Women Mindanao (CIWM) where Jed Sy is incarcerated.  This day was a celebration of the 11th anniversary of the women's prison and also the completion of the LifeNets projects.  The water well was drilled to a depth of 70 feet.  The water is clear and pure enough to pass the water quality tests.  The existing old prison well has a number of problems so they already rely heavily on this new well.  The 1000 liter tank holds enough to be of great help throughout the prison.
Full report with many more photos at

Manyinga, Zambia borehole
From Derrick Pringle:

We just received this information and photos from Derrick and Cherry Pringle in Zambia.  Our LifeNets borehole is in place and working on the property where the local United Church of God building has also been completed.
The Manyinga congregation in front of new church building and new borehole!
Orphanage in Zambia Report
LifeNets has been helping with the Chilemo Orphanage Club in distant Mufumbwe, Zambia for more than five years.  We have helped with building poultry raising facilities, boreholes and other aid through Derrick and Cherry Pringle who come all the way from Kitwe.  But, the onsite overseer and director is Joseph Kaputula who is responsible for the success of the operation through his hard work and commitment.  You can read more about our work here at

Transporting bags of fertilizer to widows and orphans

Here is the report from orphanage founder and director Joseph Kapatula:

Hello Mr and Mrs Victor Kubik,

Greetings from Chilemo OVC

I really appreciated your wonderful visit to Mufumbwe in April 2018. We thank you for officiating at the dedication of the church building in Mufumbwe as well as visiting the people and considering the progress of the Chilemo Orphanage Club. It is most highly appreciated by the members and the community at large. The community has also appreciated not only your visit but also the work and care you have shown for the past years. I really thank Mr and Mrs Pringle for the hard work care and support they always show to the Chilemo Orphanage Club.

Thank you for the scholarships from LifeNets. Because of these scholarships our children in the community who are vulnerable, are getting educated. May God bless them. Through your support, I have managed to run a business of poultry and the little I get out of farming and gardening enables me to support the vulnerable, widows and old people by buying fertilizer to support them in their farming and building simple permanent structures for them in the community.

Joseph with widow for whom he is helping with fertilizer

Joseph's Plan

Since I am getting older and cannot do physical work by myself as before, I am planning to have a school in near future. The poultry buildings will be turned into classrooms. Looking at the number of the children in the community who are willing to learn, I see that number is accumulating each year. I thought it will be better if we have our own school. I also planned to build houses for rent as assets for the Chilemo Orphanage Club. The money from these rental shall enable the orphanage to operate as it shall be the source of income. All these plans can only be done if there are enough resources allocated to them and committing ourselves by hard work.

Building simple permanent structures old age people in the community

The community and Chilemo Orphanage club has appreciated the support and care you are showing to them and also the development you have brought into the community. May God bless you.

Yours faithfully

Full story and more photos at
Thanks From LifeNets Recipients in Colombia - November 2018 
This is only ONE of many scholarship recipients in Colombia.  To see more of the students, please go to

Paula Andrea Buitrago


My name is Paula Andrea Buitrago. I am 24 years old. I study environmental engineering at the Central University of Colombia and am studying the fourth semester right now. 

Initially I was very passionate about the field of health, but over time and researching the curriculum of different universities, I realized that I was very interested in the topic of the preservation of the environment and the way everything interacts with it. I have a great fascination for insects, which led me to study this career. In the future, I hope to finish it and be able to help in my country with so many problems nowadays as time goes by. 

I want to thank all of you in LifeNets for helping me to continue my studies. Your financial help has benefited me greatly due to the economic difficulties to pay for my studies. God bless you and allow you to continue helping so many young people who, like me, want to continue their studies which sometimes, is difficult.

To see our entire scholarship program go to 


Tolik in Ukraine helped
LifeNets chooses to help people who are in deep poverty and have suffered additional misfortune.  We are helping this family of 12 in Ukraine who has 10 children and live in two rooms.

Their father, Tolik, had a growth on his brain that caused the loss of use of one arm and one leg. He needed an operation to remove the growth, but the family was unable to have any resources towards the operation. The doctors declared that the operation prognosis was good.  Along with Felstad Aid in the United Kingdom (with whom we work in Chernobyl area). Alan and Pauline Hilliar who operate this charity. LifeNets contributed towards the operation that was done in late January 2018.  Alan and Pauline personally know this loving family and have organized the drive to help them.  

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