In This Issue:
  • Letter from the Co-CEO: The Urgent Need to Declutter to Remain Sane by Lynette Lim
  • Webinar: Register NOW and Learn How to Qualify for a Small Exchange Lifetime Membership
  • Exchange updates from CME, AFX, CBOE, DGCX, Eurex, HKEX, ICE, IFAD, SGX, and The Small Exchange
Lynette Lim
The Urgent Need to Declutter to Remain Sane

Dear friends,

Happy 2021!

In the last few years, I have found myself deliberately blocking any news feeds and media on my personal devices and computer.  Even on my Uber rides, I would tell the driver to turn the radio off.  The reason?  I find the constant barrage of news analogous to a nuclear attack on my senses. The news, however short, distracts me from my train of thought and whatever I was supposed to be doing.  Furthermore, it makes me more stressed than I already am. And like many of you, I have multiple roles to fill - mother, daughter, boss, friend, etc.  I certainly don’t need more stress; I have plenty of it already to fill my day.

I know there is a FOMO (fear of missing out) feeling in all of us, the sense that if we don’t tune in to the latest we’ll miss out on something.  Being in the capital markets business, where money is literally our business, we are in the center of this bombardment of stock news and information.  Of course, some news, like what happened to GameStop stock, makes us, the clearing firms, sit up and take some risk actions.  But really, what is it that we are missing out on?  And what is the tradeoff for having my attention taken from me at that moment?
Webinar: Register NOW and Learn How to Qualify for a Small Exchange Lifetime Membership*

Title: Learn to Trade Interest Rates
Date: Thursday, February 4th, 2021 @ 11:00 am CST
The Small Exchange is launching the next evolution of interest rate products - Small 10YR US Treasury Yield. S10Y simplifies variables in interest rates into a single, succinct yield so that you can skip the calculations that translate yield to price and just trade rates. Frank Kaberna will be guiding you through a tour of the history of interest rate products along with a workshop on how the modern trader can access this unique asset class.
Presenter: Frank Kaberna, The Small Exchange
*Small Exchange Lifetime Memberships reduce exchange fees for qualified traders. Traders must be accepted as a futures client by Phillip Capital Inc. or an affiliated broker of Phillip Capital Inc. and meet minimum trading volume requirements in 2021. Contact your broker for details.
CME Group Economist Perspective: Gold-Silver Price Gap Narrows
Silver rallied more than gold during the summer amid the Fed's massive quantitative easing, narrowing their extreme price ratio.
ICE Futures Abu Dhabi is ringing in the New Year with a new benchmark in Q1.
Beginning March 29, ICE Murban futures promises to provide transparent pricing to the Middle Eastern crude.
Cboe IBHY Futures Set Single-Day Volume and Notional Value Records
Trading in Cboe® iBoxx® iShares® $ High Yield Corporate Bond Index (Ticker: IBHY) futures set a new daily volume record on Monday, December 28, with a reported 4,451 contracts traded, representing more than $648 million in notional value.
Hang Seng TECH Intex Futures - Capture Growth in China's Technology Sector
Since the world’s first exchange-traded futures on Hang Seng TECH Index (HSTECH) were launched at HKEX last year, the CFTC-certified futures contracts have been providing global investors with an essential tool for building and hedging portfolios of China’s technology stocks.
ICE USDX® Report
Understand the latest USD trends with ICE Mini U.S. Dollar Index® report. Available in English and Korean.
SGX Sees Continued Growth in Iron Ore Futures
SGX Iron Ore Futures closed 2020 at a record 2.1 billion tonnes of trade which was 30% larger than the underlying physical market.
AMERIBOR Benchmark Offers Options for Bank Capital Raises
For the first time, a bank has completed a debt offering using the AMERIBOR® benchmark, a critical step in financial innovation and development.
Eurex Equity Index News - January 2021
  • Eurex's global MSCI update
  • How evolving ESG indices & derivatives help transforming portfolios
  • Save the date: March 23-24 Virtual edition of the Derivatives Forum Frankfurt 2021
Make a Resolution That Counts
For the last 40 centuries, going all the way back to the Babylonians, human beings have marked the start of a new year by resolving to something.* Were they promising to lose weight by buying themselves Peloton bikes and subscriptions to Imperfect Foods? Probably not. (Not only did these things not exist in 2000 BCE, but New Year’s resolutions were religious events whereby people made promises to gods and repaid debts.)
DGCX Brings Strong Close to 2020, With Numerous Achievements
  • Total volume traded – 12.73 million lots
  • Total value traded – USD 320.69 billion
  • Average open interest – 220,504 lots,
  • Highest daily volume – 20 February 2020, 180,492 lots
  • Average daily volume – 48,971 lots
  • Highest trading month – March 1,800,708 lots
  • Exchange of the Year MENA 2020 at FOW Global Investor MENA 2020 for the third year in a row