Our Library Is An Open Book
Libraries change and evolve to meet the needs of their community and adapt to new technologies. At Phillips Free Library though one thing is constant - we exist to create an equitable world. Our mission is to empower and inspire all people to grow and connect with one another to create a better world for all. Here are some ways to connect with your community at the library this month!
An Event for Everyone
Day of Wellness
Join the Homer Recreation Department and Phillips Free Library on the Green, Saturday Oct. 1st from 2-4 pm to celebrate our health and wholeness. Through art, mindfulness, play, healthy recipes, and games, we'll learn to practice wellness. 
We have a wide variety of stations for you to practice wellness activities. Lime Hollow will talk about bird watching, Phillips Free Library knitters will teach you to knit, Karen Dudgeon will have information about mindfulness, Mike Kniffin will have information about Tai Chi, Access to Arts will share the Joy of Music, Teens from Phillips Free Library will write a poem for you, you can make leaf art with Sarah and use a recipe to make your own energy balls. There will be life size games and other fun physical activities. We can't wait to see you on The Homer Green!!

Featured Events
Open House
On Thursday, Oct. 20th from 5:30 to 7 pm the library will offer an open house. On your way to the elementary school, or fire station, stop by to learn more about library programs for elementary students. There’ll be a quick Lego challenge and an opportunity to get a library card.
Great Give Back
Join us on Saturday, Oct. 15th for the Great Give Back, a day of service-oriented experiences observed at libraries throughout NYS. We’ll be collecting new non-perishable donations for our food pantry. We’ll also be celebrating fall and local food with a roasted vegetable demonstration and tasting at 11am. This family event will include a fun scavenger hunt. Please bring something for  the food pantry. 
New Books
Adult Fiction
I Walk Between the Raindrops
by T. C. Boyle
place it on hold here

An electric collection of new short stories.

In the title story of Walk Between the Raindrops, a woman sits down next to a man at a bar and claims she has ESP. In “Thirteen Days,” passengers on a cruise line are quarantined, to horrifying and hilarious effect. And “Hyena” begins simply: “That was the day the hyena came for him, and never mind that there were no hyenas in the South of France, and especially not in Pont-Saint-Esprit—it was there and it came for him.”
Early Middle Grade Fiction
My Life Begins!
by Patricia MacLachlan
place it on hold here

Jacob is nine years old when his life changes.
He wants a litter of puppies. But instead his parents have a different surprise. Jacob will be an older brother soon. And there won’t be only one new baby. There will be three! When the triplets are born, Jacob thinks puppies are cuter. The babies look identical to him and he gives them a name: “the Trips.”
For a school science project, Jacob decides to study the Trips. It feels like magic as they begin to smile, talk, and grow. Slowly, he gets to know each of them. They call his mother “Mama” and his father “Da.” But what will they call him? One day, one of the Trips calls him “Jay.”
As each of the triplets become unique and more special with each day, Jacob starts to wonder if “the Trips” is still a good name for them. They aren’t puppies, or a bunch of bananas, and they aren’t just “the Trips” anymore. What should he call them that will show what they mean to him? Can he figure out their “forever name?” And will he ever get a puppy?
Coming Soon
The Books That Get Us Through
It’s been a tough couple of years, but books help. Come to discussion on Thursday, Oct. 27th at 6 pm, of one of the books that helped many of us through the last couple of years – Midnight Library by Matt Haig. Register by emailing [email protected]
Phillips Free Library will be open until 6 pm on Monday, October 31st. Stop in between 5 and 6 pm in costume for a treat while supplies last.
Jr/Sr High Lock In
Sixteen girls in 6th-12th grade enjoyed a lock in at the end of August. We had pizza, made cookies, and they worked in groups to complete a scavenger hunt which had them finding information in the card catalog. There were other challenges along the way including making LEGO dogs, writing poetry, and creating their own zine.
Did You Know...

We work hard to make sure you have access to the best information. We have just discovered a new children's series about the United States with a different book for each state. We would love to have the whole collection but that is not in the budget. If you would like to sponsor a book for $25 please contact Sarah, [email protected] for more information. You can even choose the state you'd like us to order!
If we had an adult lock-in, what activities would you want?
A quiet corner to read
Baking or Cooking
A book talk (hear a brief synopsis of some new books or books on a theme)
Play! LEGO's, Cubelets, Little Bits, Osmo, Keva Blocks
Board Games
Bake/Cook and a Book Talk
Art/Craft and Play! (LEGO, cubelet, etc.)
A Quiet corner to read and a book talk
Bake/Cook and Board Games
Results from our poll last month
Calendar of Events - September
October 1 - Day of Wellness 2-4 pm on the Homer Green
October 5 - Knee High Story Time 9 am Theme: Cookies
October 5 - K-2 Library Zoo 3:20-4:15 pm LEGO Club
October 6 - Fresh Perspectives TED Talk 6 pm at the library
Two Adults, Two Children, Zero Waste by Bea Johnson Please Register
October 7 - Catholic Charities 12:30-2:30
Peer support staff available to discuss services and programs
October 10 - Library Closed
October 12 - Knee High Story Time 9 am Theme: Bears
October 15 - Great Give Back - collecting new non-perishables
Veggie roasting demonstration and tasting at 11 am Scavenger hunt 10a-1p
October 17 - Phillips Free Library Trustees Meeting 7 pm
October 19 - Knee High Story Time 9 am Theme: 1, 2, 3
October 19 - K-2 Library Zoo 3:20-4:15 p Games
October 20 - Open House 5:30 -7 pm LEGO challenge & get a library card
October 26 - Knee High Story Time 9 am Theme: Cats
October 26 - K-2 Library Zoo 3:20-4:15 pm Theme: Creepy Stories
October 26 - Points of View: A Book Discussion 6:30 pm on zoom
Detransition, Baby by Torrey Peters Please Register: [email protected]
October 27 - Yoga #1 of 4 10:30-11:30 am Registration Required
October 27 - The Books That Get Us Through 6-7 pm
The Midnight Library by Matt Haig Please Register
October 31 - Happy Halloween - Treats from 5-6 pm while supplies last

Unless otherwise indicated, for more information or to register, email [email protected]
37 South Main Street
Homer, NY 13077