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Rally Against Police Repression and Budget Cuts! Defend #OWS! 
Saturday November 19th, 12 noon 
Dewey Square start with a march to Kerry's Office
The 1% is trying to take away our free speech! We must resist this move towards further mass repression! Defend #Occupy!

Meanwhile, the Congressional Super Committee is planning historic attacks on Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Banks have been bailed out while politicians ask us to pay for a crisis we didn't create. Join us on Saturday, November 19th to resist this injustice!

The Super Committee is especially undemocratic. Its members are not elected, but rather appointed from, and by, Congress, with six members from each party. They will have unprecedented power unique to any American legislative institution. On November 23 the Super Committee is planning to decide where to cut $1.5 trillion from the budget, a plan which they will present to Congress in the form of a bill. This bill cannot be amended, revised or filibustered, only passed or vetoed in an up-and-down vote by Congress. The bill will likely include cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, veterans' programs and environmental protection. 

These upcoming historic attacks on New Deal programs will do nothing to solve the economic crisis. In fact, they will make it much worse. A key problem underlying this economic crisis is the lack of demand to buy goods, and the spending power of consumers makes up 70% of demand. Drastic spending cuts have only added to the depth of the crisis in Europe, and they would do the same here. 

We didn't create this crisis, and we shouldn't pay for it. Wall Street and the big banks should pay; it's their system that is failing. Instead of bailing out the rich bankers who own the national debt, we need to prioritize a massive federal jobs program to get the economy up and running again. 

Partial List of Endorsers:

Mass Nurses Association
UAW Local 879
CWA Local 37083
Veterans for Peace
Chris Hedges 
Noam Chomsky

To see the full list of endorsing unions, community groups and prominent individuals, check out jobsnotcutsprotest.org

Check out the facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/events/217936694941357/