June 2016 
Volume 7  
Issue 20      
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Since 2000 BCSI has performed hundreds of successful investigations.


Our integrated team of investigators and support services ensure that the investigations are conducted in a timely fashion with leading edge techniques. 


BCSI is considered the platinum standard of the industry based on the quality and the wide spectrum of its services as well as the expertise of the investigators.

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Baiting the Hook
Just as the name suggests in "phishing," fraudsters use some form of "bait" to hook you in and get you to take action. 

The scammers make fake websites that look identical to social media sites and popular merchant sites. From here, they use different schemes to get you to visit the fake website and steal your information.
Email Spoofing
A primary example of phishing is what is called "email spoofing."  It's a common and easy avenue for fraudsters to use to get you to visit their illegitimate websites.

In email spoofing, the fraudsters hijack and send an email message to you from a real person or company's email address.  Depending on the sophistication of the scam, some emails can appear near identical to an actual email that you would normally receive.

Trust your instincts and don't click on any links or attachments that seem suspicious.
Malicious Links
Their goal is to entice the recipient to click on an attachment or a link provided, which could install spyware onto your computer or device.

Once the recipient has taken the bait and clicked the link to the fake website, it usually prompts them to enter their login information and password.  Typically the website will not do what it is supposed to do, and may give an error message. 

This in turn gives the scammer your username and password, and easy access to your sensitive personal information.

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