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Phoenix Update | Maggie's Surgery | Costume Contest | Fosters Needed
Phoenix Rising
Phoenix, top, with his foster sibling in his outstanding foster home!
Many of us have been following Phoenix's story of surviving horrendous animal cruelty.

Thanks to emergency treatment from the amazing Bradshaw medical team (covered by TEAM's fundraising) and long-term intensive burn care from the incredible vets at UC Davis, he made it on the road to recovery.

From there, it was SSPA's job to find him a foster home where he would continue to mend and eventually thrive.

The foster who took him in is extraordinary, and now this sweet and resilient boy is flourishing. We cannot thank his foster enough!

He is truly an inspiration and is a shining example showing that dogs don't want to live in the past or be judged by their scars or looks.
Phoenix undergoing burn treatment at UC Davis, left/above, and Phoenix's recovery as of today, right/below.
From the beginning, we hoped his strong and loving spirit would give him a bright future!

And with so many people helping him and rooting for him, we can't wait to see just how bright his future will be!


Another Bradshaw Medical Team Success Story
Maggie before surgery, left/above, and recovering from surgery, right/below.
Sweet senior Maggie came into the shelter with an awful case of "cauliflower ear."

She had huge growths in her ears due to years of neglect, along with a huge infection.

She could barely walk when she arrived due to the intense pain and her lack of balance.

Double total ear canal ablation (TECA) surgery, which costs $6,000 apiece, was her only option.

The amazing Bradshaw medical team did an incredible job! Thanks to them, despite her loss of hearing, she's back to being a bouncy, happy girl!

She has also landed in a great foster home with another dog and adores everyone she meets!

We can't express how much we appreciate and admire the medical team, and we love working with them to save lives!
Support SSPA Programs
Halloween Costume Contest
Have you entered your pets yet in SSPA’s adorable pet-costume photo contest?!

Don’t miss your chance to have your beloved goobers compete for best in show, spread smiles and raise funds for our life-saving programs for pups!

Whether they’re spooky, something sweet or a treat to eat, submit your photo and support SSPA dogs in the process.

Here's how to participate:
  • ENTER your pet’s photo at Each entry is $10, and you get 10 votes for your photo with your submission.
  • VOTE as often as possible and get friends and family to vote as well! Votes are $1 each, with a 5-vote minimum, and you can vote as many times as you like!

The photo with the most votes gets to be the cover of our Facebook page for 3 months and wins an enlarged and framed print of the winning photo, a Crown and Paw pet portrait, and an SSPA T-shirt! And there are also awesome prizes for the two runners-up!

So, what are you waiting for?! Enter your pet and start bringing in votes today!
ACO Joins Dog Day Out!
Bradshaw Animal Shelter Animal Control Officer Jess brought this cutie pie in to the shelter and then took the pup for a day out on Jess’ day off! Isn’t that awesome?!

This adorable pup has since found a medical foster and will be living the good life until she finds a forever family!

Every single one of you who has taken one of our dogs for a day out is making a big difference! Your descriptions and photos not only help them find foster or adoptive homes, but also encourage others to join the #SSPADogDayOut team!

And we're up to nearly 220 Dog Day Out applications! That's 220 times our dogs' days have been made by you!


Want to get involved?
Spotlight on Senior Pups
Fosters Needed: Won't You Take Us Home?

This 13-year-old girl is a fan and volunteer favorite! We’re all in disbelief that she still hasn’t found a foster!

This girl is unbelievably cute, sweet and cuddly and loves every second with people!! She’d also do fine with a well-matched gentle and dainty dog!

So let’s get this precious senior out of the shelter and into a comfy, loving home!

Apply to foster her today:  

Our gentle giant is an amazing boy who walks well on leash - no pulling - and enjoys car rides.

He’s equally happy going on adventures as he is lounging about!

He’d prefer a home without other pups and with handlers who understand that he’s less comfy with his back end being touched.

Overall, he’s just hoping to de-stress and chill out as a family member!

To foster this handsome dude, fill out a foster application:

Just look at the incredible smile on this amazing senior’s face! Nothing makes her happier than being part of a family and around people!

One of our Dog Day Out volunteers says: “She was the best girl ever. We sat in the yard and cuddles together. She ignored other dogs barking, but got really excited when a bunny came hopping along. She went from old lady to puppy in a second. She takes treats really gentle. She loves neck scratches and all hands on her at all time. She was just a love bug.”

You can help keep Marcy smiling by bringing her home! (She’d also do fine with a well-matched gentle and dainty dog!)

Apply to foster her:
SSPA Foster Dog of the Week
Doesn't one of our favorite senior foster dogs at SSPA have the most dashing smile? Those pup eyes aren't too shabby either!

Artie is adored by one and all - and it's not hard to see why! He's pretty much everything you could want in a dog: sweet, handsome, laid-back, affectionate ... need we say more?

Oh yeah, and he has nearly perfect pitch when it comes to matching fire engines and warning the neighborhood! Watch here.

Fill out an application to adopt him today!