Phoenix Plaza - Landmark
The small neighborhood of Phoenix Plaza sits inside Museum Row, also known as the Library District. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, this spot was the site of several of Bradford’s public buildings.
Following the fire of 1908, the newly united Titan City began constructing its new City Hall here. It has been the symbol of Titan City and the seat of its government ever since. Because of the city’s rebirth following the fire, and because of a well-turned phrase in a city booster’s speech, the square fronting City Hall soon became known as “Phoenix Plaza.” Since that time, the Plaza has become one of the city’s best-known landmarks, a gathering place for both ordinary and superpowered citizens.
The heavy government presence in the area makes it a recurring destination for heroes working with authorities. In 1960 the new City Hall was constructed on the other side of Phoenix Plaza. The old location now houses Titan City Museum, with many of its ruins still intact as a poignant dedication to the tribulations of the city. The facility serves the public daily as a dedicated museum for recognizing Titan City history.
Phoenix Plaza Evolution

Phoenix Plaza was one of the first neighborhoods in Titan City to develop from artistic concept to being built. It was developed in several iterations before it was decided it had the right look. Below are some of the early renditions of Phoenix Plaza:

The final version of Phoenix Plaza includes many small park areas in the plaza such as the raised park gardens and wedding grotto below:
Brief video from Unreal Engine 3D Editor of Phoenix Plaza HERE.