Supporting Adolescents and Families

Life gets so busy sometimes it's hard to keep up. Phoenix Recovery Programs can help. This monthly newsletter will highlight research, events, and activities happening in the behavioral health field. As always, we are happy to help in any way we can, so please reach out to us.
Take Us Out to the Ball Game
Thanks to our amazing partnership with Tickets for Kids, the girls from our Mankato group home were out to the ball game on April 18th! Tickets for Kids worked with the Minnesota Twins, who generously donated tickets for the game, and provided this opportunity to the girls. It is through these awesome partnerships that we can stretch resources and give these kids chances they may not otherwise have had. We are so grateful for the Minnesota Twins and Tickets for Kids and their willingness to support programs like ours!

The Third Wave is Here
There has been a lot coming out about the opioid epidemic hitting our country. Even though we've taken good steps to decrease the availability of prescription opioids, we are not out of the woods yet. Heroin took over for a while, and is still around. Now, though, fentanyl is taking over. Stronger than heroin, it is a cheap alternative. It also comes with a higher risk of overdose due to its high being shorter than heroin. And, unfortunately, we also don't have as many tools to test for and combat the various forms of fentanyl hitting the streets. NPR has more. 

Co-Ed Community Outpatient Treatment

Our community outpatient program in Mankato has openings for boys and girls. We can assist with completing assessments for clients or can get started with the orientation appointment if clients already have a current substance use assessment. Phase 1 is three days per week plus an individual session. Phase 2 is 2 days per week plus an individual session. We will work with community mental health providers or assist clients in arranging mental health therapy as needed. Please contact us today at 651-403-6409 for more information or to make a referral.
Training Corner
People struggling with substance abuse disorders and mental illnesses do not exist alone, though they may feel like they do. These people have family and loved ones who care and who hurt just as the person who is actively using and/or battling mental illnesses. And, while research has provided new tools for treating these clients, there isn't as much available to support the families and loved ones on the journey with these clients. Scott Brownlee has developed some new methods and tools to help families and loved ones understand what is happening and how to better support people who are using. The training itself is free and offers a low cost CEU credit.

  Phoenix Recovery Programs proudly offers residential treatment for adolescent boys at our Maplewood/White Bear Lake location and outpatient with lodging treatment for adolescent girls at our Janesville/Mankato location. In addition, we now offer co-ed outpatient services for adolescents at our Mankato location. Visit our website or call us for admission information.
If you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

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