Phoenix Financial Training (KHDA approved), founded in 2006 by David Thomasson (ex-regional head of one of the largest UK training providers) has achieved great success in the Middle East and India as a UK orientated accountancy and finance training provider.  
The PhoenixFT courses are delivered in the Dubai World Trade Centre by carefully selected and trained tutors who command great respect within the industry. With flexible payment options and course hours to suit a multitude of personal schedules, PhoenixFT always and without compromise puts the student first.
ACCA Entry Requirements
To meet the entry requirements for ACCA directly, students need 5 passes in total from their secondary school studies.

For the Indian syllabus, 3 of these must be 12th grade results. Out of the 5 passes, 2 must be over 65% and the others need to be 50% or higher. The subjects must include English and Mathematics or Accounting.

If students do not meet these requirements they can join the ACCA qualification as an FIA (Foundation in Accountancy) student. This would mean that the student would need to pass the first 3 papers (BT, MA and FA) before entering for further exams.
The ACCA has four exam sittings: March, June, September and December. PhoenixFT runs full ACCA programs for all sittings in Dubai.
ACCA Qualification
The ACCA allows students to take a maximum of 4 papers per exam sitting, but there is a cap at 8 exams for one year. Students need to pass 13 ACCA exams, complete their Ethics and Professional Skills Module and gain 3 years' practical work experience in order to qualify as an ACCA member.

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The average cost to completing ACCA qualification (including exam and training fees) can be estimated to AED 55,000 - 65,000. ACCA students need to pay an initial registration fee of 89 GBP and an annual subscription fee of 112 GBP to maintain their subscription with ACCA.

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Booking Classes
Classes can be booked from April for the September or December exam sitting (classes commence in July/August) or December for the March or June exam sittings (classes commence in January/February). Courses must be pre-booked through the PhoenixFT website before they commence. All PhoenixFT and ACCA registrations are done online.

To book courses with us, please refer to the following steps (click to enlarge):
Class Location and Transport
PhoenixFT currently has only one class location, the Dubai World Trade Centre – Dubai. PhoenixFT runs all ACCA papers at the Dubai location. Please refer to our current timetables for class options.
Student Visas
PhoenixFT is able to provide students with a 1-year renewable DIFC sponsored student visa. Students sponsored by a family member can request for a visa renewal student letter.
Classes in India
PhoenixFT also operates a training institute in Cochin, India.Visit the PhoenixFT India website or call +91 9061 537148 for more details.
Work Experience
Phoenix Skills and Recruitment (PSR), a sister company of PhoenixFT acts as a liaison between PhoenixFT students and employers/businesses within the UAE. PSR identifies and creates opportunities for students and assists them in profiling themselves as employable candidates. Click below image for more details:
Oxford Brooks Degree project
Whilst studying for the ACCA qualification, students can gain a BSc in Applied Accounting degree from Oxford Brookes University. PhoenixFT offers mentoring sessions for the OBU Research and Analysis project for both the May and November submission periods. These sessions commence in January for the May submission and in September for the November submission. For more information, kindly email at Click below image for details.
We offer several different class timings.
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