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Phones, Phones, and More Phones! 

Technology is moving at the speed of light and it's taking your phones with it.  How many lines do you have? Who are they going to?  Are they being answered?  How much is all this costing?  It's important that you audit your phone bill and note the items below.
  • Have you blocked 411?  Check your charges.
  • Do you have DID (Direct Inward Dialing)?  Is it being utilized correctly?  This can drastically reduce operator traffic and increase customer satisfaction.
  • When auditing your bill, randomly dial some of the numbers. Where are they going?  Is it being answered properly, if at all?
  • Have you closed any buildings or moved personnel out of an area?  Are there still live phone lines going there?
  • Has the store been remodeled?  Were phone lines covered up?
  • Have you restricted your long distance access?  Funny, true dealer we worked with had a service customer who would come in on a regular basis and call long distance to her mother from a phone in the customer lounge.
  • Update your phone list on a regular basis for accuracy and post on company intranet for sharing with team.
  • Try to eliminate your physical fax machines and get an EFax.  Numbers can be routed to one or more individuals.  There's no excuses on why someone didn't get a fax.
  • Keep a list of ALL phone numbers, DID's and even company issued cell phones.  Here is an example of the list we use with our dealers.  For an Excel version of our list email us here.
By consistently monitoring your bills you could save your company thousands per year!
UGH! What does that say?  I can't read their handwriting!

Are you still using paper forms that get copied over and over and over again?  Tired of fixing costly mistakes because of poor handwriting?  Problem Solved! Stop wasting money and throwing away outdated, illegible company forms. We can create writable PDF forms that are specific to your criteria.  We can customize any document and updates are easy.  Protect the environment and save money by reducing your paper use.

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