The Roots of Creativity
Stoking the Creative Fire

Picasso said that " All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up." Here's a few thoughts about the roots of creativity and how to keep that child alive.

Curiosity - C uriosity about our world and our life fuels creativity - elevated to a sense of wonder this can be the source of many great ideas and projects. The words why, how, when and who can set the tone. If we could maintain the insatiable curiosity we had as a three or four year old our lives might be astonishingly different.  Change up routines, meet new people and go to new places. All these things can replenish us with fresh 'creative air'.

Presence and Flow: be here now - pay attention to what you see and hear - listen to the 'messengers' you encounter in your everyday life; from what people say, to your own inner promptings. If something good is lifting you up, surrender and go with it....flow baby flow!

Stay connected: when you're out with a camera, stay connected with your own true values and interests. This is often the source of our best photos. Why bother making junk photos of things that don't interest you 'just because'. Follow and trust your gut. 

Write Down Your Goals: photo goals can range from 'frame one of my favourite pictures and hang it in my living room' to 'document my trip to Patagonia' - they're completely personal, all valid and totally tailored for and by you. The list is endless....but don't make it an equipment list - make it an action list.
Travel Tune Up
Lots of people are traveling with their cameras this winter judging from the response to my article about the importance of preparing to travel. If you'd like some help to prepare for a trip, or to edit your photos when you return, click here to check out my Travel Tune Up coaching session. 

The image above was made in New York City with a fast, wide angle prime lens - I'm glad that lens was in my bag and that I knew how to use it. To really cover a trip properly requires the right equipment, attitude, and approach. Thinking it all through with another person can really help. To hear what people say about the sessions click here
The Power of Dedication
This image, from  near Cowichan Bay, Vancouver Island, was made on a special trip to honour the memory of a dear friend who lived in that community. It reminds me that some of our best work comes when we dedicate it to someone or something else. It can be an entirely internal and personal act, or it can be more public. The choice is ours. 

To feel the power of dedication, try this the next time you're a bit stuck or bored with your photography and you want to go deeper. Before going out, hold your camera and start thinking about to whom or what you might like to dedicate your photos. It can be a person, a value, or an idea such as 'freedom' or ' can be your pet. Set the intention to dedicate to them the photos from that day, week or month. The results are not always immediate; however, if you stay with this practice for awhile you may be led to make some of your deepest, most heart-felt work.

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