PHOTO REPORT from Alaska
Thank you for praying!
July 10, 2014
Hello Everyone!
You are praying and the team in Alaska is working hard! Thank you for praying for them. Yesterday morning the team finished up all the knee walls anticipating the arrival of the trusses.

In the afternoon, the trusses arrived and the work intensified! You can click on any of these photos to see our Facebook photo album of the whole job.

PRAISE GOD for the beautiful weather yesterday!  It rained a lot before the team arrived and even earlier this week, the rain continued.  
Team member, Neil Stackhouse, gave this report:

he LORD provides. It started out as a wash out on Monday.  But in our not so infinite wisdom it made us work under the covered porch and we knocked out all the knee walls as a team instead of running out in all directions. It actually saved us a lot of time." 

Each man on the team added his own expertise. The LORD provided an awesome day to work in the Alaskan sunshine!
Team leader, Carl Ginder wrote: 

"The skills and experience of this team came through today. The trusses were delivered at 2:30pm and were unloaded in one hour. Unfortunately they couldn't reach far enough to set them individually so they put them on top of the new walls we built in two stacks. We had to move each one and set them up by sheer manpower. The pictures show the process."
More from Carl Ginder:  
"Thanks for your prayers. The job went more smoothly than we anticipated with no serious injuries. By 6:00pm we had half of them done. We'll finish in the morning. Then another demanding task begins - covering the trusses with OSB and a waterproof cover.  Please pray for safety for the men as we continue with this project. The people from the Northgate House of Prayer are great hosts. They bring us food, including salmon, and stop in to visit sometimes. We are enjoying our work here and we are happy to bless them with our labor. This addition will enable them to expand their healing ministry."

Please continue to pray for the team today.
 Their goal is to finish hanging trusses and start installing the OSB plywood preparing the roof for metal.

These men are an example of how the Body of Christ is to take care of itself.  The goal of our ministry is "Building the Kingdom of Jesus Christ in Alaska". We provide free skilled labor from outside Alaska to help brothers and sisters in Christ fulfill the calling God has on their lives. The summers are short in Alaska and labor is very expensive. The Body of Christ can minister to itself in this way and our LORD, Jesus Christ is glorified in the process. It is a beautiful thing to be part of!

We need you for more teams that will be working this October. Go to our website to find out more how you can serve there.

Thank you for praying for the success of this team.  

Tom Denlinger - Ministry Director

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