20 Years of Canopy
Congratulations to the "Tree and Me"
Photo Contest Winners!
Thank you to everyone who participated

Thank you to everyone who submitted "Tree and me" photos last month. We had many wonderful entries!

Our panel of judges selected winning photos that captured a sense of connection with trees, reflected exceptional originality and creativity, and demonstrated good photographic composition and quality.

Prizes were also awarded to two "audience favorite" winners who received the most likes on their images.

Canopy is pleased to present the following winners:
Panel Favorite: Grand Prize
Lillian Lee

"Nothin' like nestling in a tree root. Hurray for trees!" - Lillian
(Moreton Bay fig tree, ficus macrophylla)

Panel Favorite: Runner-up
Mei Fang

"I waited in the Peer Park while the rain showered on the playground, the lawn, the trees, the birds, and the squirrels! These three baby squirrels were more focused on their turf fight than to worry about getting wet! Another great example of why trees are necessary for the animals' ecosystem." - Mei

Audience Favorite: Grand Prize
Tara Gill
Audience Favorite: Runner-up
Haydee Herrera-Sosa
Panel Favorite: Honorable Mention
Estefani Morales

"Remembering walks beneath London trees..." - Estefani

Thank you to our contest sponsors for donating great prizes!

Keeble and Shuchat Photography

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