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Heartline's Education and Employment Campus
Welcomes Papillon Marketplace!
Heartline Ministries is excited to welcome Papillon Marketplace to its Education and Employment Campus (EEC) in Carrefour Marassa, Croix Des Bouquets, Haiti!

Papillon Marketplace is a fair-trade certified, socially conscious lifestyle brand dedicated to supporting at-risk mothers and fathers with full-time artisan jobs in Haiti. Papillon’s mission of orphan prevention and family preservation through job creation has proven itself to be a viable solution for the current poverty orphan crisis affecting many developing nations.

The team at Papillon will move its entire operation to the EEC including production, retail and the Papillon Café. They have already began the move and anticipate being operational by late Spring 2020. Heartline and Papillon, will continue to operate under our independent leadership. The EEC will maintain normal operations during this exciting transition. 
Each of the buildings are receiving a fresh coat of paint as the team from Papillon transforms the front of the Heartline Education and Employment Campus!
The purpose of the Heartline EEC has been to serve as a space dedicated to supporting Heartline’s overall vision for the ministry, which is healthy, thriving Haitian families. The EEC is currently home to Petite Palm, an independent socially conscious lifestyle brand, the Beltis Bakery, the Heartline Education Center and an automotive garage, which is under construction.
New paint for the the apartments!
A fresh coat of red for the window trim!
A new coat for each of the buildings too!
We're especially excited to share that jobs are being created as a result of Papillon's move to the Education and Employment Campus! Heartline, Papillon and Petite Palm are aligned in the shared goal that job creation is critical to who we are and how our ministries operate in Haiti.

"When it has been within our control, Heartline chooses to hire local labor to complete projects – instead of short term missions groups. Groups can come tour and say hi (we love that!) but we really don’t want visitors to take jobs from anyone. If the job you are offering to do can be done by a Haitian, we want to give them that opportunity."

~ Tara Livesay, Local Labor: A Better Idea from the Heartline blog, April 2018.

Read the entire blog post here:

" I still have a dream and a vision of Papillon
paving the way for significant jobs in Haiti.
Not just through the missional groups and tourism,
but as an exporter of beautiful things made in Haiti.
~ Shelley Jean, Papillon Founder

Investing in Haitian Families.