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Animal Emergency Hotline:


Office: 707-992-0274

Exclusion: 707-992-0276

403 Mecham Rd,

Petaluma, CA 94952

Mailing Address:
PO Box 448,
Cotati, CA 94931





Human Race
SCWR employees are participating in the Human Race on May 10, 2014, where they will walk, run, and rollerblade their way to the finish line to support their favorite projects. Interested in joining their challenge? Make a pledge!
SCWR Produce Stand

We have giant sunflower starts for sale! A six pack is six dollars, and the sunflowers are supposed to grow 12 feet tall! Visit our Saturday tour produce stand to pick up some sun for your garden. 

Wildlife Tours:  *May-September at 12 and 2 pm*
Wildlife Exclusion Service:   Need help with humane evictions?



Dear Wonderful Supporters,


It's almost Mother's Day for us humans. Many of our wildlife friends have already experienced their Mother's Day. We know this because our wildlife hospital, nursery, and foster care homes are already full of their babies.


We will definitely need your help. Soon you will be receiving our 2014 Spring Season Appeal in your mail boxes, inboxes or both. Please take a moment to study this appeal in which we feature "Support a Species". I'm sure you will find good reasons to donate your financial support to this year's orphaned babies. For the first time, you can also have an opportunity to go on a release with your species of choice.


We hope you have a joyful Mother's Day and can use this special holiday to support your local wildlife. Perhaps you'll consider giving that amazing mom you know something different this year, an opportunity to support a species. Please click here to find out more.


Happy Mother's Day!

With Love,


Doris Duncan, Executive Director 

Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue
Registered 501(c)(3) Non Profit.


Meeting Jane Goodall


For as long as I can remember, one of the most important female role-models and heroes in my life has been Dr. Jane Goodall. On Friday, April 5th, my two daughters, Danielle and Natalie, volunteers, Tom Furrer and Mike Smith, and I went to Dominican College in Marin County to hear Dr. Goodall speak about her newest book "Seeds of Hope".


I was informed by Tom earlier that Dr. Goodall had wanted to meet with me personally after the talk and discuss the idea of her granddaughter, Angel, coming to learn from all of us at SCWR. She felt it would be very beneficial for Angel to learn about North American Wildlife Rehabilitation by volunteering and spending time at our center.


We are proud and honored that Dr. Goodall would think so highly of our facility that she would consider sending her granddaughter to work with us. Thanks again to all our supporters who help make opportunities like this become a reality.



Babies are here!


We've had the first of our bouncing baby animals. Squirrels, opossums and ducklings have been the most numerous, but this week, we took in fox kits. We have a boy and a girl fox with healthy appetites. We're anxious to see their eyes to open in the next few days. Finally, we're preparing for it to rain raccoons, so get your foster gear ready to go!