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 Message from Doris
Project Update: Education Extension

Dear Wildlife Supporters,
I know many of you who are reading this e-newsletter have done a tour at our non-profit Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue. That is why we ask for your email address so we can keep you updated on our latest news.
Our exciting news this time is to update you on one of our latest projects we just completed with the generous help of our wildlife friend Dorothy Secrest. We have been given support to enclose two more acres on the property owned by Sonoma County that was designated for wildlife educational purposes.

This two acre parcel is just to the right of our existing wildlife education exhibits that you are hopefully already familiar with. This will be the future home of a wildlife education candidate that might need our help and also be able to become an education ambassador for it's species.
Our main purpose here is to rescue, rehabilitate and release back to the wild, healthy and untamed animal patients. With that in mind, we do not have any need for building additional wildlife education exhibits at this time, but we have installed perimeter fencing to satisfy the future USDA inspections on this part of the education facility.

Last but not least, I would like to personally thank the men from the non-profit Graton Day Labor Center who have worked tirelessly for three weeks on this project. Their valued experience, professionalism, creative talent and great work ethic have been one of the most important reasons why this project turned out so well. We are very proud of Miguel, Raul, Valentin and Urbano.

Sincerely yours,


Doris Duncan
Executive Director 

Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue
Registered 501(c)(3) Non Profit.


Spotted Skunk



We were lucky enough to see this little girl come in! What is it? A spotted skunk! Spotted skunks are native to this area but are more rarely seen than striped skunks. She was found in a bucket in a concerned homeowner's shed, who transferred her to us. She was young, recently weaned, and was mostly healthy, just a little thin and had parasites . Once she is treated for the parasites and fattens up, she'll get to go back home. Meanwhile, you get a glimpse of this elusive creature!




SCWR once again has a beaver in our Aquatic Mammal Enclosure! There was a red wine spill at a winery, and they had to drain his pond. When it was drained, they thought he was acting strangely and he came to SCWR for evaluation. He is a healthy beaver except for scarring on his eyes. 

Our Good Samaritan veterinary opthamalogist, Dr.Rebecca Burwell, explained that with the scarring, she could not see through to the retina to evaluate his vision. However, eye infections are common in more urban beavers. We're evaluating his behavior to see if he can perform the tasks of daily life for a beaver, and if all goes well, he'll be released soon. 

Want your own beaver style pool? Ours was made by Todd Hendrickson of AquaScape. Click here to see their website. Every time we have an animal in this enclosure we are reminded of how grateful we are for their assistance in making this enclosure possible.


First Family Forest Movie Night was a Success!


We had a great time at our raccoon themed movie night earlier in the month. Twenty-six people came out to make masks, watch Raccoon Nation, and then watch Carlos and Rowdy open up a brand new treasure box. Two of the latches were flipped easily open, but the other took them a little longer to figure out. Before they could get to all the snacks, it was bedtime for most of our raccoon-masked kids! Thanks to the volunteers who helped and all the folks who came out to have fun and learn about wildlife. 





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