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Volunteer Updates

Please send in your volunteer update form if you haven't already! 

This update lets us know you still want to volunteer for SCWR, makes sure our records are  correct, and allows us to connect you with the resources you need.







Wildlife Tours:  Saturdays May-Sept.12 and 2 pm *October- April 2 pm only*


Inspired by Birders



Dear Supporters,


I was in Sacramento for a family function for three days this past weekend. As I arrived, I wondered what I would do in the big city for this long. Near the hotel where I was staying, I rediscovered the 32 mile Jedediah Smith Recreation Trail near Discovery Park where the Sacramento River meets the American River. I put on my inline skates and began my adventure. I felt like a little kid in a candy store. There was an abundance of wildlife habitat and the wildlife species to go with that and the excitement of endless skating trails.


About five miles into my exploration, I saw a small group of people standing together pretty much in the middle of nowhere. As I got closer, I instantly realized they were birders. I began to slow down and study them more closely. They were all looking up into the trees with binoculars and spotting scopes in hand. They were dressed warmly and looked completely engaged and focused. The biggest observation of all was they looked so happy.





I stopped to talk to them about the birds they had been watching. We began to talk about wildlife habitat. As they talked to me, they never took their eyes off the trees above.  Later they noticed the Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue sweatshirt I was wearing. A couple of them knew about our wildlife rescue efforts here in Sonoma County and shared that they were impressed with our organization. They all said they loved wildlife, but for different reasons, could not volunteer to rehabilitate them. They all shared with me how much they appreciate our work and that they knew it was not easy. I thanked them and continued on.


For the rest of my trip, I was inspired by who they were and what they shared. It made me feel even more grateful to have our wonderful wildlife center. Many of our supporters have the same reasons for not being able to volunteer, but share their financial support with us instead. We have the capability to do an excellent job in the field of wildlife rehabilitation because of this.  We have spent many years getting to this place and could not have done it without all of you, our valued and dedicated supporters.


As of December 16th, we are at 42% of our goal of $40,000 which we are hoping to receive for this years' End of the Year Appeal. We thank those of you who have already shared with us. For those of you who are still intending to donate, maybe forgot to, or have not decided yet, we are counting on you for your support and will continue to work as professionals you can be proud of.


Happy Holidays to all of you and your families.


Sincerely yours,


Doris Duncan
Executive Director 

Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue
Registered 501(c)(3) Non Profit.


The Vulture in the Well



When a local rancher went to check his concrete water tanks, one of which was running dry, he noticed vultures circling above. When he looked inside the mostly dry well, he found a vulture below- who couldn't get out. Since he was a volunteer firefighter, we talked him through the rescue and got one very mucky vulture. The sludge at the bottom of the well had coated his feathers and dried them into sticks so he couldn't get lift to take off. The rancher wasn't certain how long the vulture had been down there, but the vulture was definitely starving. Before we could give him a bath, he needed to put on some weight. After many tube feedings, he began to eat on his own and get ornery. That meant he was well enough for a bath. International Bird Rescue graciously let us use their bathing facilities to get the last of the concrete sludge off the vulture. In the above right picture, he is drying off in an enclosure specifically designed for that purpose.  Now his feathers are beautiful and he is in our aviary to get in shape to return to his home ranch! 


Changes for January


Starting in January, everyone at SCWR will be wearing name badges. We think this will help with building community, as well as improve security and show a more professional face for our organization.  We have the badges color coded for staff, SCWR volunteers and community service volunteers. We also will have medical contact details on the back in case of an emergency. We've already begun taking pictures of our current volunteers. Volunteers will need to fill out a form with the other details. If you volunteer with us and  haven't had your picture taken or filled out your information form, please do so the next time you stop in. While a basic neck strap is provided, we will be selling SCWR lanyards for a $5 donation.  Volunteer T-shirts will also be available in January for $15.  Thanks for being a part of our changes for 2015!