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Working Together to Save Wildlife


Elana, SCWR intern, assists Dr.Rebecca Duerr with a health check



Dear Wildlife Supporters,

This article is focused on a recent wildlife emergency simply referred to as "The Mystery Goo Event." We had the honor of assisting International Bird Rescue Center in Fairfield, California with their rehabilitation efforts for this event. As you all may have heard by now, the mystery goo in the eastern San Francisco Bay area affected hundreds of shorebirds and seabirds. Officials still have not discovered the cause of this event.


Birds wait in pens for the next step of rehabilitation 

What we do know and have experienced first-hand, is an amazing amount of caring and compassion from people who have come together in an effort to save these wildlife victims from yet another irresponsible human catastrophe. This started on January 16th, 2015 with 151 dead birds collected by wildlife officials and 323 birds admitted for care. With this urgent matter at hand, over 300 volunteers and staff put aside the needs and schedules of their daily lives to save the lives of these birds that needed our professional attention.



Paulette, SCWR staff, brings fish smoothie to feed birds

Emergency Wildlife Services led the rescue efforts in the field and experienced staff and volunteers at International Bird Rescue led the rehabilitation efforts at the center.  These teams were supported by the following government agencies, wildlife rehabilitation organizations, and other groups:

* US Fish and Wildlife Services
* United States Coast Guard
* California Department of Fish and Wildlife
* Oiled Wildlife Care Network
* Office of Spill Prevention and Response
* East Bay Regional Parks
* Richardson Bay Audubon Center & Sanctuary
* The Environmental Protection Agency
* Peninsula Humane Society
* Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue
* SeaWorld
* Pacific Wildlife Care
* Lindsay Wildlife Museum
* Various media entities

As a result of all of these efforts, the first 24 birds were released at Fort Baker on January 28th with a few donors, spectators and releasers on hand. More birds continue to be released back to the wild from rehabilitation even as you read this newsletter.


Surf Scoters swim and preen to become waterproofed.

Thanks to all of our supporters from Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue and their financial gifts, it has been possible for us to get the training and experience needed to participate in these rescue efforts. Our staff and volunteers were well prepared in every way. We really do put your donations to good use.


Sincerely yours,


Doris Duncan
Executive Director 

Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue
Registered 501(c)(3) Non Profit.


Volunteer Party


Even under the threat of rain, SCWR volunteers gathered to celebrate all their accomplishments for this last year. The staff handed out awards for volunteers who went above and beyond expectations and fabulous prizes were donated by local businesses.


Especially great was the chance for new volunteers to meet experienced volunteers and people who work on different days to make new acquaintances. Several volunteers remarked that they had no idea so many people volunteered at SCWR!


We thank all the volunteers at SCWR for their commitment to the wildlife of Sonoma County and look forward to working with you this coming year!


Pints for Paws is March 24th


Pints for Paws is back! Tell all your wildlife, music, and beer loving friends that they can meet up with like-minded people, have a great time, and support bouncing baby wildlife.  Cover is only $10! This year, we're back on track to have it in March, just one short week after St.Patrick's Day. 

This year we have some exciting new bands. Kingsborough is a fresh band, just out of their debut at Bottlerock in Napa last year. Based in Santa Rosa, they bring a modern twist on classic, soulful rock and roll. Soul Pacific is an up and coming band with rock and roll covers and some new originals. You won't want to miss them.


As always, it will be a great time, so tell your friends and join us from 5:30-8:30 PM on Tuesday, March 24th. 



Comedy for a Cause


Stephen Sorrentino, a Las Vegas showtime extravaganza, is coming to Graton Casino  on April 17th, and wants to support the animals of Sonoma County. The Animal Legal Defense Fund graciously asked SCWR is to be one of the lucky nonprofits who are able to participate in this event. Buy a ticket through Ticketmaster for this event, use the code Animals4 and 100% of the proceeds will go to SCWR. It is CRITICAL that you input the code for SCWR to benefit. So come and laugh, remember the code Animals4 and we'll see you there!

Find out more about the performer  here.