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403 Mecham Rd,

Petaluma, CA 94952

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Pints for Paws!
Save the date! Tuesday, November 11th, 2014 we are having our annual Pints for Paws fundraiser at Lagunita's Brewery in Petaluma. Join us for live music, great beer, and fresh tacos to support our wildlife.  Friends and family are welcome!
Wildlife Tours:  *May-September at 12 and 2 pm*
Wildlife Exclusion Service:   Need help with humane evictions?




Since at this time, Doris, our Executive Director, is on vacation, she's given me the opportunity to share my perspective with our supporters. I'm Linnaea, the Education Outreach Director.  In her absence, I've learned so much about what it takes to keep a wildlife center like SCWR functioning smoothly. It's amazing how much work goes on to make this center run effectively. From ensuring that we have enough food and supplies for our patients, to setting vet appointments and explaining ongoing projects to volunteers, every day is full of routine tasks. At the same time, there also must be time set aside to help new struggling patients.


What really makes this center shine is our wonderful volunteers. Every day animals are being fed, cages are being cleaned, laundry is being done, and the garden is watered because we have volunteers who love our mission and want to keep SCWR a safe haven for wildlife.  We literally couldn't do it without your time and support. It is your work that makes us who we are.


And SCWR still moves forward! We've installed new decking, moved a shed, and hung a few more gates to make our Barnyard project become a reality. Once fencing is complete, we will begin to build the barn. Anyone interested in helping with this project should contact us.  On the animal side of things, many of the orphaned foxes are being released. Our hordes of baby raccoons are coming back from foster care and entering their next stage of life outside with other raccoons, practicing climbing and foraging to prepare for their release.  Friend us on Facebook to see pictures of our wildlife patients and updates about the latest news at SCWR!


Our next volunteer orientation is on Saturday, August 9th from 10 am-12 pm. If you've been thinking about volunteering, now's the time to sign up and learn what we're all about!


Enjoy your summer,


Linnaea Furlong
Education Outreach Director 

Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue
Registered 501(c)(3) Non Profit.


Who's that Bird in the Mirror?


Volunteers at the center lately have been noticing a strange phenomenon. There's a small brown bird that keeps hopping on their vehicle side mirrors, flying over, looking at himself and repeating this behavior for hours. According to Veronica Bowers, of Native Songbird Care and Conservation, this time of year, males of many species of birds will spend hours defending their territory against the strange invader in the mirror. Next time you're at the center, see if you can spot the bird!





Elegant Eagle

This month we took in an uncommon patient, a golden eagle. She was found grounded in a field. Lucky for her she had no broken bones, but was extremely emaciated. She's a young eagle, and likely had faced competition for food and not been able to take care of herself very well. Here, she's made great progress, going from a liquid diet to eating whole rats. She's now enjoying a spacious enclosure down in our Raptor Recovery Center. We hope she will be well enough to be soaring the Sonoma County skies soon. 



New Face


Devin Dombrowski joined us this month to bring his professional wildlife rehabilitation skills to SCWR to ensure animals received our standard of care while Danielle was away.  As a vet tech, he's been an enormous help, fielding phone calls, giving exams, taking animals to the vet, and educating staff about new methods of care. We couldn't have asked for a better substitute Animal Care Director and are so grateful he was able to spend time with us. Devin is also the creator of Wildlife Rehabilitation MD, the program we use to track animal records. This saves us tons of paper and allows us to easily generate required reports at the end of the year. Click for more information. Thank you for everything, Devin!