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Family Forest Movie Night
Wildlife Tours:  Saturdays May-Sept.12 and 2 pm *October- April 2 pm only*

 Message from Doris


What is a Wildlife Hospital?




Dear Supporters,

We have been working nonstop on our Predator Prevention and Education Barnyard Program, (PEEP).  Everything is moving along at a fast pace and we are looking forward to welcoming visitors to come see all the new developments.


We have more exciting news about our wildlife hospital. We have discovered that many people do not have much knowledge in regards to what a wildlife hospital is, what takes place in a wildlife hospital, and who works in a wildlife hospital.


Soon all of these questions will be answered for you! You will be able to come visit us and see for yourself, all of the amazing things that take place in a wildlife hospital. Here are some things to know ahead of your visit:


  • A wildlife hospital is a professional setting where highly trained staff and volunteers are available to perform life-saving procedures on sick, injured and orphaned wildlife.
  • Wildlife patients all receive a physical exam following a rescue.
  • Wildlife patients then receive treatment and care according to their medical needs.
  • Visitors will be invited to see all of this in action by invitation only.
  • We will have a hospital viewing during our Saturday tours, any private tour, and possibly after bringing in a rescued wildlife patient depending on staff availability.
  • You will be assisted by a trained wildlife docent who is knowledgeable about hospital procedures.
  • You will be advised about proper wildlife viewing conduct.


These things have all been made possible by very generous donors. Amongst many other projects the Dorothy Secrest Foundation has contributed to, they also made it possible to purchase the $1,800 worth of building supplies.  The Ohana Construction Company of Petaluma sent three of their employees to actually build the deck at a cost of $3,000 in labor, which they donated. This wonderful gift was due to the efforts of our volunteer Hollan Tracy, who is a personal friend of this extremely professional and creative construction company. Hines Signs of Cotati discounted their professional signage.


You can see that something like this takes a great community effort. We are still adding safety features and more signage. We hope you will join us soon, to see how you as supporters have made it possible to care for the animals in our wildlife hospital.


Sincerely yours,


Doris Duncan
Executive Director 

Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue
Registered 501(c)(3) Non Profit.


Ohana Construction


We knew we'd need professionals when we decided to build the viewing deck. We realized that this would be a vital structure that needed to be built up to code to maximize safety for all our visitors. We were lucky enough to find Ohana Construction. 

It was magic. Within two days, we had a gorgeous redwood deck that was ready to go! They generously agreed to donate their labor, and they worked exceptionally hard. We cannot recommend them more highly. Located in Petaluma, they are a family owned business with 25 years of experience, and a lot of love for wildlife! If you have a big or small construction project that needs to be done right, consider Ohana. (707) 782-0850

Below, they are pausing for a much deserved lunch break.


Bake Sale Supporters


Emily and Mary did something that is challenging for anyone to do: sell cookies at a Farmer's Market. What makes it more impressive was that they did this not to raise money for a trip or for a new phone, but for wildlife! They raised $100 to support our animals in need. We'll be using this money to buy raccoon formula to keep all our raccoon babies happy and healthy. Isn't it amazing what kids can do?


New Poetry


Our Junior Volunteer Jazmin helps out at SCWR with a variety of tasks- from stuffing envelopes to answering the phone. Above, Elana, an intern, is teaching her how to feed an orphaned gray squirrel. What we didn't know was that she is a poet, too! Here's a poem she wrote about trees, something we at SCWR love and appreciate for all they do to shelter and feed our wildlife. 




Chicken Wranglers


Lindsey and Andrew are the first of our Educational Barnyard Junior Caretakers. They each come once a week to keep our chickens happy. Thanks to their care, the chickens are healthy and very friendly- exactly what we want for chickens that are demonstration chickens for how to keep chickens safe from predators. Lindsey came up with some innovations in our nest boxes to make them easier to clean. Andrew even baked special chicken bread with seeds and mealworms for a treat for the girls. Want to be like Lindsey and Andrew? Bring yourself and a parent or guardian to our volunteer orientation to learn more. The next orientation is Saturday, August 8th, from 10am-12 noon. See you in the barnyard!


Saturday, 8/01/15, Family Forest Movie Night 5-7 PM
Saturday,8/08/15, New Volunteer Orientation 10 AM- 12 noon
Saturday,8/15/15, Policies and Regulations  10 AM- 12 noon
Saturday,8/22/15, Introduction to Wildlife Rehabilitation  10 AM- 12 noon