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SCWR Goes Batty
On Saturday, October 11, from 12-3 PM, SCWR and the Laguna de Santa Rosa are hosting a Bat Day Open House at Heron Hall in Santa Rosa.  We'll have bat activities and games for kids! Then, at 3PM Rachel Griffiths, a long time SCWR  Bat Rehabilitation Volunteer, is giving a talk, "All About Bats: Myth-Busting These Amazing Mammals" The Open House is FREE, the talk is just $10. See you there!
Pints for Paws!
Pints for Paws is coming up! Tuesday, November 11,  from 5:30 to 8:00PM, Lagunitas Brewing Company is hosting us for Pints for Paws, our annual fundraiser.  Just a $10 cover for live music by the Pulsators and Dylan Chambers and the Midnight Transit. Beer, Tacos, a Silent Raffle, and more! Bring your friends!
Wildlife Tours:  May-Sept. 12 and 2 pm *October- April 2 pm only*



Dear Supporters,


There are many well-deserving non-profits that need help and the competition is fierce for funding. In our charity work, the most important thing we do is take care of the wildlife that cannot speak for themselves. These animals come to us in the most crucial need of help. We have no way of asking them what happened or why they needed to be rescued and admitted into our wildlife hospital, nor is it very typical for their human finders to know what could have happened to them. The animals cannot speak for themselves, so it is our job to do that for them.



We are professional investigators that piece together evidence that we find with the animal or get from the person who found the animal. We then come up with the most likely scenario that brought the animal to us. Many times it is something that is so hard to comprehend, that you don't know where to begin. We see, hear, smell and feel things we have never experienced before. We often rely on each other's experience and other professionals in the field to come up with the best advice to help our animals. This is one of the most amazing aspects of our work, finding others to help us do the best job we can for our wildlife patients.


Our supporters help us by either donating their time and experience, or by their donations which we call "love to the rescue". Please look forward to our End-of-the-Year Plea for Help coming soon to your inboxes and mailboxes at the end of October. You will see some of our most memorable rescue stories and the rehabilitation and release of those patients. Typically we consider the month of November, a month of thanks and December, a month of giving. We hope you have plenty of time to make your gift to Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue- a  moment for you to show your appreciation and support for our wildlife friends.


I would also like to extend an invitation to those of you who we might not have heard from in a while, to learn about the many new and exciting things happening here at the wildlife center you have supported in the past. Please call me on my work cell phone at 707-486-0226 to get the latest news at a more personal level. I look forward to hearing from you.


Sincerely yours,


Doris Duncan
Executive Director 

Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue
Registered 501(c)(3) Non Profit.


Raccoon Graduation

Danielle Mattos, Animal Care Director

As you may have heard, we asked for release sites for our fostered juvenile raccoons that needed a good spot to call their own. Unlike adults, which must be returned to their place of origin, these babies were too young to have established a habitat, and so have a better chance of survival if they stay in the group in which they were raised.  They also need known access to water, as they have to figure out their habitat without parents to guide them.  Therefore, we asked people with land and water sources to provide a home for these raccoons.


We cannot thank you enough for the overwhelming response we received! Chris Smith of the Press Democrat even wrote a small article on our situation which generated more responses. We also give thanks for those who did not have property, but sent along donations to help the raccoons.  Your support means the world to us.


Due to everyone's support, we found release sites for all of the raccoons who were ready to graduate from rehabilitation to their new life foraging in the wild. We're thrilled with the habitats that were offered to us and the raccoons that were released seemed thrilled too, quickly vacating the kennels to explore their new home. 


Though we have placed these raccoons, there will be more.  We'd like to prepare in advance and have enough sites for next year's releases. If you have property with a year-round water source and would like raccoons, or any other animal in the future, we will put you on our release site list and contact you when animals needing habitat become available. 


Email Linnaea at, or call the office at 707-992-0274 for more information or to get on the release site list. You can also check out release site criteria here and download a release site form.


Garbage Surprise



It's no secret that we're right next to the dump, but it's not often that the workers in their yellow safety vests come over here. This month one did, and he brought with him a box with two guests of the landfill- two very dusty juvenile opossums. They had come in with a load of garbage, and were luckily found before any of the trash was crushed or buried.  We found them uninjured below the layer of grime, but let them spend a night in our hospital with an opossum buffet to help them recover from a traumatic experience. By the next morning the opossums had cleaned themselves up, because opossums are fastidious groomers, and they were released. Hopefully they'll stay out of the trash in the future!


Coming Attractions


Pints for Paws is coming up! This month we spotlight the bands that are playing.


The Pulsators are local legends, playing their funky combination of blues, rock and reggae all over the west and with the likes of the Neville Brothers. They've been voted a fan favorite four times in the Press Democrat. This is dancing music, so bring your dancing shoes and be ready to rock!


Dylan Chambers and the Midnight Transit is a young up-and- coming band with an old school rock soul. The son of Lester Chambers of blues fame, Dylan and his band are ready to rock! They recently won Northbay's Best Rock award for 2014, and are gracing our stage at Pints for Paws.


Tickets are just $10 to hear both of these great bands perform. We can't wait to see you all Tuesday, November 11, from 5:30-8 PM!