September 9, 2021 | 3 Tishrei 5782
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Rosh Chodesh Film and Book
Social Action Projects for HHD
September Greenwich Jewish News
High Holy Days Information and Guidelines
Rosh Hashanah and Tashlich
Rosh Hashanah Services were really wonderful! Cantor Abramson and our professional choir members sounded so clear and beautiful as they offered the music and liturgy live from Round Hill for you to enjoy at home. A few pre-recorded segments were seamlessly inserted with Torah chanting by Rick Lake and a beautiful trio by Barbara Salop, Joan Green and David Green. Shir Ami members participated robustly in the leadership of the service over Zoom.

You may see a full recording of Erev Rosh Hashana and read the Cantor's sermons by clicking here
Tashlich Service led by Cantor Abramson followed the Rosh Hashanah morning service and was held at Binney Park in Old Greenwich. Tashlich means "casting off" and is a ceremony where we symbolically cast off the sins of the previous year by tossing pebbles or bread crumbs into flowing water. It was a joy to be in person with others even though we were masked and kept our distances. The gorgeous day was an added bonus.
Behind the Scenes
Thank you to Jenny Lake who has been our High Holy Day Event Manager and to Jesse Molito from Woodside Productions, who is back with us for the 2nd year as our Sound Engineer.

Thank you for your hard work and for helping us to be able to hear the beautiful sounds from Cantor Abramson, our wonderful pianist Andrew Yeargin and our professional choir:
Soprano: Michelle Rapella
Alto: Kathryn Whitaker
Tenor: Michael Kuhn
Baritone: Christopher DeVage
Inspirations from Cantor Abramson

To enjoy a peaceful meditation recorded by Cantor Abramson, and to reference the Cantor's message from last week about the book Preparing Your Heart for the High Holy Days, click here.

The High Holy Days are are a time of heightened spiritual awareness for each one of us. May we carve out the time to reflect on our actions and live with intentionality.
Membership at Shir Ami
Thank you to all of you who have joined or rejoined for this year!!! We warmly welcome all new members who would like to be part of our congregational family.

Being a Member of Shir Ami, allows you to
  • participate as a reader for High Holy Days
  • include loved ones names in our Yizkor Service.
  • help shape our community
  • support its mission
  • find inspiration in our diverse offerings
  • have access to our wonderful clergy

If you are interested and would like to know more
Click here to read our Welcome letter from Cantor Abramson and Shir Ami Co-Presidents Susan Nisinzweig and Marie Orsini Rosen
Click here to download the Membership Form.

Contact us if you have any questions.

All are Welcome to Join Our Community!
Rosh Chodesh
October 4th 7:30 PM
Please join us for our 1st Shir Ami Rosh Chodesh Group which welcomes both women and men this year! The Zoom class will begin on Monday, October 4, when we will discuss an inspiring film, Lives Well Lived. Encompassing 3,000 years of collective life experience, diverse people share life lessons about perseverance, the human spirit, and staying positive in the midst of life’s greatest challenges. 
The delightful film, which has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, will make you laugh, smile —and feel great about growing older.
The film is available for you to watch free on online during the month of September. Register to join our conversation using the button below. To learn more and see the video trailer here:
Consider the film the launch pad for this year’s monthly Rosh Chodesh which will base its discussions on Karl Pillemer’s book 30 Lessons for Living. The book relates life lessons learned, as he interviews older people and organizes their responses in categories to which we can all relate.

The wisdom gleaned from people who’ve lived and learned through their lives will often mirror our own experiences, confirm conclusions we’ve come to, and, perhaps, show us that ~ in spite of self-doubts ~ we’ve done our homework pretty well. We encourage you to read Pillemer’s book as we progress from topic to topic; but the reading is not essential. We welcome everyone, women and men, to join our monthly Zoom gatherings.
Social Action
High Holy Days Social Action Projects

As we gather for the High Holy Days of our faith, we always wish to consider those less fortunate and in need. Shir Ami will be making contributions to:

The Supermarketing for Seniors program through which JFS- Greenwich offers free grocery shopping for home-bound Greenwich residents, aged 60 and up. Since 1986, JFS has been providing this unique, non-denominational grocery shopping service for those seniors unable to shop for themselves, with no nearby relatives to help.

The Freedberg Family Kosher Food Pantry which serves lower Fairfield County communities. Through JFS, It provides Kosher food and personal care items, including assistance for pharmacy and transportation, to members of our community experiencing financial difficulties who are unable to afford food and household items for their families. 

These donations from Shir Ami will be made using the Social Action funds that have already been collected through donations made by Members as they filled out their Membership Renewal Forms. If you would like to donate more, or if you are not a member and would like to contribute to help us make a more meaningful donation to these worthy organizations that help make sure people have the food they need, please contribute to Shir Ami's Social Action Fund. Click here to donate.

Community News
September Issue of Greenwich Jewish News

You may have received a hard copy. Below is a link to the digital version. There are many interesting community events coming up this fall that are in this newsletter. There is a beautiful story about our new Eternal Light on page 5. Click here to read the September digital version.
PLEASE TAKE A LOOK at our updated Social Action page, to view more about:
  • Opportunities to support and volunteer at Building One Community
  • Ways we can each help combat racism
  • Shopping for Seniors with JFS
  • Dignity Grows supplies essential toiletries to people in need
  • and more worthwhile activities...

Recruit some Shir Ami friends to participate in one of these projects with you!
Let us know your plans -
COVID Guidelines
CDC Covid Guidelines and our Shir Ami Guidelines - revised 8/17/21:
As the guidelines continue to be updated by the CDC and as local regulations change, we are taking them into account as well as considering the feedback from our congregants and current information regarding the rapid spread of the Delta variant.

For the safety of all of our congregants, friends and loved ones, we urge you to follow these guidelines whether you are at a Shir Ami event or any other event. It is our obligation as a congregation to be responsible and keep our congregants safe and comfortable. As time goes on, these guidelines may change but for now:

  • For outdoor events, fully vaccinated people who get close to each other should wear masks. If you keep safe distances you can be unmasked outdoors.
  • As long as Delta numbers continue to rise, Shir Ami will not have any indoor events. If you attend indoor events anywhere else, the new regulations in CT require that even if you are fully vaccinated you should always be masked in indoor public spaces.
  • Adults/Children who are not fully vaccinated must wear masks and social distance.
  • Anyone who has recently traveled or been exposed should do a home test prior to going to a group gathering to confirm they have a negative test. (CVS sells a home test you can use).
  • Anyone who isn't feeling well is still welcome to attend our services and classes via Zoom.
  • in order to keep everyone comfortable, healthy and safe, we recommend that you give air-kisses and hugs with people you see in person if you aren't sure that they are COVID safe.

Click here to read the updated CDC guidelines.
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