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9th Annual
Round 8 Results + 
Series Overall Results are now up!
Swan MX Raceway Park

What a wonderful weekend to end our season on!  The weather was beautiful and the  rains passed right on the edge of us.  We were reminded of God's promise by the two different rainbows we saw over the weekend!  

Monday & Tuesday brought much rain and we were very humbled & grateful that it waited until after the race  weekend  to rain.  
The 27th Annual Thanksgiving Fest cookout was a big success!  We were blessed to have been able to serve over 600 people!  Thank you to all who came and joined us!  This was just a  small way for us to say 'Thank You' to all of our racers and their families for supporting us this year!

You may have already seen the overall & weekend results when they were posted on Monday.  But if not, feel free to click the link below to check out the complete series results!


We Love Seeing Your Photos!

Wow! We found so many great photos on social media from this year!  It has taken several days to go through them all, but we finally had to narrow it down in order to keep this email from being a mile long!  
We apologize if we somehow missed your photos. To be featured in a future email, please send them to us at swanmxpark@yahoo.com. We'd love to see them!
As a family run racetrack for over 29 years, we know firsthand 
the importance of spending time together with our loved ones.  
The sport of motocross, as well as racing at Swan, has brought so many parents and children closer together and created so many happy memories.  Y'all do such a great job of capturing those great moments  and we absolutely
love seeing the  photos that y'all post throughout the years, as well as the encouraging notes that you write to us.  These are the reasons that we continue working so hard in order to provide a place for families to come together  in a fun and wholesome environment.
Below are a few of the photos that we've seen on  social media from this season that have brought smiles to our faces!  
Thank you for sharing them with us and please continue to do so by t agging us and using  #swanmx