Our break-neck pace of rescuing and community outreach continues! Last weekend, we flew yet another Freedom Flight of 100 dogs to New York, bringing the number of rescued dogs since Hurricane Maria up to 1300. This number is a far cry from our average 300-350 a year. We are also continuing to reunite owned dogs with their families who had to leave them behind in the storm's aftermath. You can read more and see photos of these recent rescues below.  Despite the difficult circumstances, o ur team has remained strong within the crisis and is continuing to take in as many dogs as we can. We can't thank you enough for your support. It is because of you that we have been able to amp up our efforts in such a dramatic way. 
I am excited to share that ticket sales are now open for our upcoming benefit in NYC, The Sato Social, on May 10th. This event is a great opportunity for our amazing supporters like you to gather together for an evening of celebrating the progress of our rescue efforts while paving the way for the efforts to continue. I will be there along with several special guests, and I hope you will join us. Click here or scroll all the way down for more info! I am looking forward to spending an evening with the amazing community in New York that helps keep me #SatoStrong when I am on the ground in Puerto Rico. 

-- Chrissy Beckles, President and Founder
The Great Puerto Rico Dog Lift:
Read Our Feature in The Village Voice

"It was 4 a.m., and the sound of cacophonous barking filled the parking lot at San Juan's Jet Aviation terminal as 111 dogs were prepped for their flight from Puerto Rico to New York City. As each dog's kennel was placed on the conveyor belt and made its way toward the chartered cargo plane, volunteers shed happy tears, saying goodbye and sharing their favorite stories of dogs rescued from the streets and now hopefully headed for a healthier future abroad. 

Puerto Rico has had a stray dog problem for so long that the animals have become part of the island's cultural landscape. But while many of the dogs in the airlift were mixed-breed satos - rescued from the street, the beach, parking lots, or major roads - others had recently lost their homes when their owners fled the island after Hurricane Maria and were forced to leave their pets behind.

'It's a public health crisis,' says Chrissy Beckles, founder of the Sato Project, a nonprofit dedicated to rescuing abused and abandoned dogs in Puerto Rico. 'If nothing is done about it, it will continue to escalate.'"

Click here to keep reading this article and view the slideshow from the Village Voice that was part of their coverage recognizing the six month anniversary of Hurricane Maria. The article showcases how The Sato Project's mission and work has changed since the hurricanes. We are grateful to the Village Voice for spending a week with us last month, and for keeping Puerto Rico in the spotlight. 

Another 100 Dogs Take Their Freedom Flight Under A Rainbow

Last Friday night, The Sato Project's ground team of staff and volunteers in Puerto Rico was hard at work. Each of the 100 dogs needed to be walked, fed, and matched with a crate, and supplies and paperwork still needed to be gathered. Then it started to rain, complicating preparations even more. But the team worked tirelessly through the night so they could be ready to load all the dogs onto the pla ne in the early hours of Saturday morning. By the time the Wings of Rescue plane arrived to be filled, not only had the rain stopped, but a perfect rainbow arched above in the sky. For all of those who helped get them ready, it was a beautiful farewell to all of the dogs as they left the island on their Freedom Flight, headed to new families and happier lives on the mainland. 

When the plane landed in NJ, the NY ground team was ready and excited to receive them. Many of the dogs went straight into the welcoming arms of new forever families. Others went into foster homes and a few more went to some of our shelter partners. Three  of the dogs on board were reunited with families who had to leave them behind after being displaced by Hurricane Maria.  When Sophie, pictured below, finally landed in her Dad's arms after months of being apart, there was not a dry eye in the house. 

We are so grateful to everyone who helped make this Freedom Flight happen. From our staff and volunteers on the ground to all of our supporters around the country. Whether making a donation, purchasing items off our Amazon wishlist, or sharing our social media posts - you all help make this work possible! A special thank you to volunteer Estefania Rodriguez for   capturing some of the Freedom Flight's   landing joy on camera. See some of her photos below. 

Lorenzo and Braulio's
Howling Success

When the original owners of Lorenzo and Braulio came to us six months, they had  lost everything in Hurricane Maria. They did not want to give up their beloved dogs, but felt that they could no longer adequately  care for them and ultimately asked us to put both dogs on a Freedom Flight to a better home. When they had to say goodbye, it was very emotional for all who were present. But we promised them that  we would would do everything in our power to find Lorenzo and Braulio a home together. 

It was not easy and it took six months, but we are so excited to share that WE DID! The bonded dogs finally have a forever home where they can stay together and we could not be happier with the outcome.  They were adopted by their foster mom's ex-husband, who fell in love with both dogs. So not only do they get to stay within the original family who took them in, they now have a f orever human sibling whom they have bonded to.

Both dogs are so sweet and loving and deserve all the joy in the world. We are so excited for their new family and wish them many years of happiness together!  

Get Your Tickets for The Sato Social!

Tickets have officially launched for The Sato Social coming up on May 10th! You are invited to join us for a very special evening with The Sato Project community.  We will be sharing our favorite stories and highlights from our rescue efforts over the past year as well as honoring some of the very special people who helped make these stories happen. You will have the opportunity to mingle with some of our sato treasures and other special guests, and participate in a silent auction of exciting items and experiences (including a photo session with The Dogist!).  CLICK HERE or on the image above to learn more about the event and buy your tickets today. 


The Sato Project is dedicated to rescuing abused and abandoned dogs in Puerto Rico, where there are an estimated 500,000 strays (referred to as "satos" in Puerto Rico). With only nine shelters on the island with over a 90% euthanasia rate, we have rescued over 2,500 dogs, rehabilitated them with the highest standards of veterinary care, and found them loving homes on the mainland U.S..  We are also working to make systemic change on the island through community outreach and a Spay, Neuter, Vaccinate and Microchip Program.
The Sato Project is a 501(c)3 organization relying entirely on
volunteers and tax-deductible donations for our operations.

"We fight so the dogs of Puerto Rico don't have to."