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Every former director returned to mark the event,
along with the key early champions and founders.  Left to right: Marc Hurlbut, Lynn Sorensen, Joel Vargas, Natalie Koepp Gray, Kathryn Robinson, Kate Erskine, Becky Berk, Pauline Elkin and Nancy Stearns.
Our 25th Anniversary - What a Celebration!
Just over 160 people joined Breakthrough Manchester on July 15 to reconnect and reminisce, celebrate with the current community and consider the future of this remarkable program.

In addition to the rich conversation and connections that made the occasion so special, we unveiled the 25th Anniversary film documentary that Jan Sutcliffe and Joel Schwelling volunteered hundreds of hours to produce for us.  The film features five BTM teacher alumni who now all work together as colleagues in an urban turnaround school, UP Academy Leonard in Lawrence, Massachusetts.  

The film reminds us that the work we do is so important not only for individual students and teachers in the short term, but also for leveraging better education and greater opportunity for thousands of students across the country and across the globe in the long term.

Breakthrough Manchester is Hiring!
Meredith Zackey, Breakthrough Manchester's Program Director, will be stepping down in mid-August after devoting two years to the successful implementation of several programmatic changes. 

With Meredith's departure and with the program on solid footing, we are restructuring the position into one of Assistant Director. 

For more information, please view the job description and instructions to apply.

"I cannot imagine having had a better partner than Meredith for the past two years. She excelled in executing some complex program changes, touched hearts and minds of students and teachers alike, and brought a wealth of new ideas to the program from her previous experiences," says Becky Berk, Executive Director. "We thank Meredith for her contributions, wish her all the best in her new endeavors, and look forward to future growth based on current excellence."

Celebration Date Change!
Due to schedule conflicts on the Derryfield School campus, Breakthrough Manchester's Celebration will take place on Sunday, August 7 from 5:30-8:00 pm. 
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Pipelines and Pathways
Breakthrough Manchester is a critical link in the PATHWAY for bright, limited opportunity students, and a PIPELINE for the development of the next generation of excellent teachers.  

Connect with us, so that we can better connect these pathways and pipelines for students!

Spirit Day, Boston Field Trip and Olympics - Oh, My!
The summer session has flown by, and we begin our final week of the program today! In the meantime, students have written essays, discussed censorship, dissected sheep hearts, solved two-variable equations, visited two college campuses, toured Boston, completed service projects, celebrated Spirit Week, considered aspects of diversity and participated in our annual summer Olympics.  Whew!  There is nothing quite like a Breakthrough summer!
Our Mission
Our Vision
All young people, regardless of circumstance, can achieve their full potential as students, teachers and leaders.

Our Mission
The dual missions of Breakthrough Manchester are to launch promising Manchester middle school students, particularly those with limited opportunities, on the path to college while inspiring high school and college students to pursue careers in education.

We do this by:
* Recruiting and selectively admitting high-potential sixth graders with limited opportunities from Manchester middle schools for a tuition-free, three-year program
* Providing three rigorous, joyful academic summers and school year supports to admitted students
* Recruiting, training, mentoring and supporting college students, and some local high-achieving high school students, as excellent teachers
* Connecting with similar programs serving Manchester high schools to create a pipeline of opportunity for Breakthrough students as they enter ninth grade
* Engaging a broad array of stakeholders in understanding, promoting, funding and championing both missions of Breakthrough. 

With thanks,

Becky Berk
Executive Director
Breakthrough Manchester