Photo Update


Trails are only as good as what is under them. We are making sure that the drainage, much of which is over 100 years old, is open and functioning properly. We are also building the base for the asphalt pavement.
Anticipated and also unexpected issues reveal themselves along the way. The team always takes time to find the best possible resolution for everyone concerned.  It may take more time and add to the expense, but there's only one way to build a trail and that's the right way.
This is why your interest and support are so important!  This 2.4 mile project continues to move forward in the right direction!
The RTWC Board of Directors 
Found another drain.  We'll make sure we know all about it  
and then proceed with the best possible action.
We always find out where the water comes from and where it needs to go.

Some stretches are beginning to look like a trail.

It's going to be a beautiful trail!

Rails-to-Trails of Wayne County Board Members
President: Don Noble II, Shreve   
Vice President: Ted Short, Wooster 
Secretary:  Katie VanZile, Marshallville
Treasurer: David L. Lehman, Orrville 



Tom Bahl, Shreve             Susan Baker, Creston    
Pat Glessner, Sterling       Phil Grimm,  Kidron       
Becky Jewell, Orrville       Jenni Reusser, Orrville

Paul Vance, Orrville.         Keith Winkler, Sterling     

Keith Workman, Orrville