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September 2014



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Meniscal Injuries

The meniscus (cartilage) in the knee is a fibrocartilage disc that helps to absorb shock and distribute load across the joint surface. The menisci also help to provide nutrition to the joint surfaces along with providing extra stability by deepening the joint.


The medial meniscus sits on the inside of the joint and the lateral sits on the outside of the joint. The menisci are attached at to the front and back of the knee via the anterior and posterior horn.


The most common mechanism when injuring a meniscus of the knee is a twisting movement where the foot is anchored and a rotational force is applied to the joint.


Common symptoms associated with a meniscus tear;

  • knee swelling
  • joint line pain
  • reports of locking, clicking or catching
  • restriction of movement
  • pain aggravated by twisting movement

There are various meniscal tears depending on the orientation and extent which include; longitudinal, degeneravtive, flap, bucket handle and radial tears.


Treatment depends on the severity of the tear. Most small tears respond well to physiotherapy consisting of manual therapy and quadriceps strengthening, bike riding and balance re-training. More extensive tears such as bucket handle tear may require arthroscopic surgery.


All Physica staff receive extra training in the diagnosis and management of meniscal injuries. We will assess the degree of your injury and implement a specific plan to return you to full health.





Daniel Yeo from the Devonport practice attended Physica Ringwood for two days of professional development this month. Daniel spent time with the senior staff at the clinic and received tutorials on various musculoskeletal topics. Daniel appreciated the input from the staff he worked with and found it useful in his learning and development.


Sian Smale from the Ringwood team delivered an informative presentation this month on the clinical application of neurodynamics (movement of nerves). A classification system of neurodynamic assessment and treatment was highlighted, based on Michael Shaclocks's
work from Adelaide.






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