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September 2013

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Additional Massage/Myotherapy 

As from this week we have expanded our Massage and Myotherapy services.


Physica welcomes Lachlan Moerenhout to our team. 
Lachlan will be working Monday and Friday afternoon as well as Saturday mornings. Between Lachlan and Kate the Myotherapy sessions are covered 6 days.
So if you are after more after hours Myotherapy/Massage we have this covered.
Lachlan is a qualified Myotherapist who has had experience with local EFL football teams since completing his degree. 
To find out how can Myotherapy help download a Myotherapy Brochure or speak with one of our staff.  


Core Performance


Grant Freckleton is currently running core performance sessions. These sessions are tailored for those who have completed the majority of their rehabilitation and seek strength to return to high level activities.


The classes use the RedCord systems, Swiss balls and high level Pilates machines to take people into zones and movement patterns not too dissimilar to gymnastic and circus manoeuvres.  The high level activities in a controlled environment challenges and works the core stability.
unlike conventional rehabilitation exercises. It is great for low back pain, shoulder conditions/instability and general fitness.


Brochures and additional information are available from our administration team or download a brochure on-line-  Core Performance Brochure



The team at Physica wish you and your family good health. If there is anything we can do to help you with your aches and pains, fitness or general health please do not hesitate to contact us.

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