Physical, Mental and Reproductive Disease Are Connected To This
Why is it some people who suffer tremendous abuse earlier in life and overcome the experience to be mentally and emotionally balanced and happy? While others who have been abused remained angry, vindictive, defensive and mentally and emotionally imbalanced? You could say that their psychology or belief system is the most important part of the ability to recover and you would be right.
But when the body is not in a state of genetic and nutritional health, then it will under produce all the hormones, enzymes and neurotransmitters necessary for a positive mood. If a person is genetically and nutritionally healthy then the body produces such abundance of energy, hormones and neurotransmitters, that happiness is the result. So much so that any earlier traumatic experience cannot make a dent in that persons ability to live a happy and fulfilled life.
However, whether or not you are genetically optimal, the human body requires 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids and 2-3 essential fatty acids, every day to function in an optimal manner. When you are well nourished then the body produces all the necessary chemicals to keep you happy. Like the rudder of a ship pointed towards the direction you want to go, despite the waves and currents, you will still tend to reach your destination. The human body when healthy is always steered towards happiness. It is much easier to forget about any traumas or eliminate the emotional impact they have when healthy.
While no one nutrient works in isolation of the others, macro and trace minerals are the biggest missing nutrients in our diets today. They are absent or at inadequate levels in the soil and therefore not in our food. We are starving with our belly is full. So what can you do about it?
Types Of Minerals And What They Do
The term macro mineral means it is needed in higher amounts than trace minerals. Trace minerals refer to the minerals the body needs in very small amounts. Historically, the minerals we needed were found in the food we ate. Over 200 years ago many of our soils were rich in macro and trace minerals. From over farming or chemical agriculture, which began in 1945, the soils have become depleted of minerals.
These minerals are essential for creating metabolic enzymes in the body. Metabolic enzymes are essential to every single cellular process including: protein synthesis, detoxification, energy production, neurotransmitter production, and blood sugar regulation. According to Dr. Olree and Charles Walters, in the book  Minerals for The Genetic Code , 64 minerals are needed to activate the 64 codons of the DNA. This activation insures correct and optimal amounts of protein synthesis within the cell. Once your body is given the trace elements that may be missing it is possible to have all harmful junk food cravings or other addictions go away. Real food is satisfying to you again.
In 1936 USA North American soils were depleted by 85%.
The situation is so serious that in 1936 the U.S. Senate warned us!! Now its 82 years later and nothing has been done. In 1993 The World Health Organization reported 95% total depletion!
People wonder why they crave, junk food, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, candy and soda pops and or have eating disorders. It is because they have hidden hunger for these trace elements missing in the diet. Despite having a full belly you may still want more. Animals have been known to suffer the same problem, which is called pica. When a horse chews on the wooden feed box or fencing, it is deficient in minerals. Humans do not go around eating their wooden furniture but instead eat junk food or take or take drugs. Usually this is to either stimulate or sedate the nervous system. These unhealthy cravings disappear when you get sufficient minerals. I have had clients tell me that after getting on a volcanic deposit trace mineral supplement, we work with that their craving for coffee and marijuana went away. With sufficient minerals it becomes far easier to crave what’s good for you.
Around 2003 I was introduced to a mineral powder that was both an inland seabed and a volcanic deposit. On Earth it is rare to find deposits that contain the full spectrum of 68 elements and when you do, you can use this deposit for soil and plant health as well as animal and human health.
That Mineral Supplement is called Mineral Magic.  Mineral Magic  is an inland sea bed and volcanic deposit combined that contains 68 trace elements. It is uniquely different than other mineral supplements as one, in has a balance of all the elements, no one in excess, and secondly it contains paramagnetic minerals (which is a mineral that becomes magnetic in the presence of a magnetic field, such as the cells of your body).
Increasing the magnetism of your own cells increases their health. This is significant because in the book ‘Secrets of the Soil” we learn that plants thrive in soils that have paramagnetic minerals in them much better than without. Anything, which improves the health of plants, improves the health of humans. Lastly it contains naturally occurring monoatomic (single atoms) minerals. Monoatomic minerals are able to increase the rate at which electrons flow over the DNA strand by 10,000 times. This increases the rate at which information or energy flows through your body. Certain mono atomic elements are able to influence damaged DNA, making it become normal again.
Mineral Magic  is different than a humic shale derived liquid colloidal mineral supplement in that the elements are metallic. Another product I work with called Liqui-Min are colloidal minerals from TJ Clark’s Mine in Utah. Liqui-Min  minerals are smaller and more readily absorbed.  Liqui-Min  also stands as a full spectrum 70 elements trace mineral supplement that works very well also. However it does not have the Para magnetism and based on usage does not produce the degree of results as  Mineral Magic . However it is still an excellent product conferring health to the body.
Some people are misinformed to believe that inorganic minerals  are so poorly absorbed they are not worth taking or could be toxic. If this were true then how is it that the Hunza people live in perfect health for up to 120 to 140 years of age consuming 300 grams of inorganic rock calcium and trace minerals in their drinking water ever day?
Think about it, if you’re a gardener or have an education in soil fertility you know that the bacteria from the digestive tract of the cow, in the cow manure once in the soil digests the minerals in the soil and feeds them to plants. If bacteria from the digestive tract of a cow can digest inorganic minerals, doesn't it seem that the same would be true for the human digestive track?
Based on thousands of users over 4 decades this product has proven itself to be an extremely powerful. Indicating that people are easily absorbing effective amounts of these minerals.
Due to Heavy Mercury Poisoning I lost My Nearly Photographic Memory and Length Of Time I Could Focus
Therefore I became keen on finding nutrients to help optimize my mental powders. I have found that any attempt to improve learning abilities, one must include a balanced trace mineral supplement. They are necessary for metabolic enzymes essential to all aspects of healthy body function. The body has never needed an antidepressant or appetite suppressant drug. However, the body has always needed trace minerals and can return to normal functioning once it gets them.
Just as vitamins and minerals work together, so too Minerals work together with other minerals. So it is important to get all the macro and trace elements in balance ratios in your diet daily otherwise your body is under functioning. This is another reason why Mineral Magic is so excellent is supplies balanced ratios of the elements.

Nutritional Depression:  

It has been known for some time that the mineral Lithium can treat depression. However giving the body high dosages of the metallic form of the mineral, which is the prescription version, can cause accumulation of this element in the body. The best-absorbed form of Lithium is Lithium Orotate. Again due to soil mineral deficiencies this trace element is virtually absent in the food supply, requiring supplementation. This element occurs in trace amounts in  Mineral Magic  and  Liqui-Min .
Hair mineral analysis of psychologically normal people show 400 times more Lithium than do the violent criminals. [1]

Specific Mineral Deficiencies or Imbalances Known To Cause Mental and Physical Disease:
·        High Calcium + Low Iron + High Copper are connected to Schizophrenia.
·        Low levels of copper, zinc, sodium, chromium, vanadium and lithium are connected to DR. Jykel/Mr. Hyde rages or a violent Sociopath.
·        High Lead, Calcium and Phosphorus + low Iron and Copper are connected to Arthritis.
·        Low levels of Iron, Copper, Selenium and Cobalt ,  are connected to Anemia.
·        Low Chromium, Vanadium, Sodium, Potassium, Manganese and Zinc are connected to Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes and Hypoglycemia.[2]
Selenium Deficiency Disease Include:
·        Anemia
·        Age Sport or Liver Spots
·        Fatigue
·        Muscular weakness
·        Muscle pain
·        Scoliosis
·        Muscular Dystrophy
·        Cystic Fibrosis (congenital)
·        Heart Palpitations
·        Irregular heart beat
·        Liver cirrhosis
·        Pancreatitis
·        Lou Gehrig's Disease associated with mercury poisoning
·        Alzheimer's Disease associated with high vegetable oil consumption
·        Infertility
·        Low Birth weight
·        Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
An Example of How Nutrients Work Together:  

Selenium appears to work synergistically with copper, feeding selenium to animals on marginal copper diets improved copper levels. Selenium and vitamin E work together, without vitamin E, the body cannot use selenium. 
In the breeding and raising of animals it has been proven decades ago, that to conceive, gestate and birth a healthy animal requires specific vitamins and minerals in the diet. So Farmers added these vitamins and minerals to the diet. If these nutrients are not provided then the animal is born sick. The veterinarian fees would make it unprofitable to raise this animal. Wise farmers learned long ago that to raise healthy livestock in a profitable manner requires all the vitamins and minerals are in the animals diet prior to conception, during gestation and during lactation.
Therefore to insure the health of each generation of human is born  with immaculate health requires the same intervention. For couples planning to have children; If you want to avoid birth defects, if you want to avoid having a child with mental defects that could lead to criminal behavior or make that person a dependent upon others, then you must provide these nutrients. If you want to avoid crowed teeth and braces or poor vision and glasses, then you must intervene with all the correct nutrients.
The result of your invention at least 6 months prior to conception will result in a child that will be physically beautiful, mentally brilliant, physically coordinated, and emotionally happy. With the blood type diet being the best for your health and that as the foundation, here is a broad stroke listing of the nutrients to consider taking supplementally prior to conception for both Mother and Father, then after conception just the mother is required to take: Free Form Amino acids, EPA/DHA Omega fatty acids, Methylated B Vitamins, Vitamins A, D and K2 as MK7, Intracal and Mineral Magic. Taking these supplements will insure you do not pass on any genetic weaknesses to your child, but instead improve your child's genetics.
Many years ago I consulted with a couple that had spent $12,000  on artificial insemination techniques for conceiving their own child. It was found that the Man was compromised. After he got onto a program with me, which included  Mineral Magic  and a certain form of  Zinc , his sperm count went from 20,000 to 50,000 and they were all healthy swimmers. All 4 eggs to which they were exposed were successfully fertilized.

Some Roles of Macro Minerals: 

In the early 1900’s researchers working on animals identified various mineral deficiency diseases. It was learned that copper is needed to make connective tissue, so joints and arteries remain healthy. Iodine was needed for healthy breast and uterine tissue and Iodide was needed for a healthy thyroid. Manganese, zinc, cobalt, chromium and iron were all identified as essential macro minerals.

Can certain trace minerals double your lifespan?  

Gallium  has specific metalloenzyme activity in the human brain and has been reported to specifically reduce the rate of brain cancer in lab animals.  Germanium , acts as a co-factor in oxygen utilization. It is known to enhance the immune system by stimulating production of natural killer cells, lymphokines and T-suppressor cells.  Lanthanum doubles the lifespan of a certain protozoa. Lithium has been used for decades successfully to treat depression. Molybdenum is required to make at least three essential enzymes. Rubidium is found highest in the liver. It can replace the electrolyte function of potassium in many species. Samarium enhances normal cell proliferation and doubles the life span of lab animals. Thulium supplementation enhances the growth of normal cells and has doubled the lifespan of lab animals. Yttrium enhances normal cell growth and doubles the life span of laboratory animals.  Pregnant mice supplemented with yttrium leads to rapid placental transfer, 14% of the ingested Yttrium can be detected in newborn mice.
By taking 1/2 to 1 teaspoon a day of  Mineral Magic   I have had numerous people tell me that their energy and endurance have all gone up markedly. One 17 year old I know told me that though he only got 3 hours of sleep one night, the next day he took a teaspoon of Mineral Magic and had energy all day. He went to work at 7 am and did great. Another friend told me that he was becoming a couch potato. After work he no longer wanted to go to the gym or do anything other than watch TV. After taking a heaping teaspoon of Mineral Magic he woke up feeling energized and ready to tackle the world. At night he wanted to go to the gym again. He says  Mineral Magic  is awesome. Or the numerous people reporting their grey hair has returned to its normal color. All of the above results prove Mineral Magic, an inorganic volcanic rock powder, is absorbed and benefiting the human body. I've also had more positive client feed back on Mineral Magic than any other trace mineral supplement ,  I've worked with, in 27 years.

Personal Experience :

I've taken the full spectrum mineral products from Water Oz, Eniva, Liquid Colloidal Minerals, The Great Salt Lake Ionic Minerals, Mezotrace, Chelated Multi-Minerals and many other mineral supplements.  Mineral Magic  has reversed my grey hairs, given me more energy, endurance and focus. It has also reduced my cravings for sugar and increased my reproductive health. Of all the trace mineral s  supplements I have taken, I've noticed the most results with Mineral Magic .
Even though trace amounts of lead and mercury are in Mineral Magic , there has been no toxicity ever reported from them. The reason could be because these toxic elements are bound to other elements and the body makes no effort to assimilate them knowing they are toxic, or the metabolism of the body is so improved from taking Mineral Magic that it readily excretes these trace amounts of toxic elements. So I have no fear of taking or recommending  Mineral Magic  to everyone, except Kidney Failure or Chronic Kidney disease patients. When you have Chronic Kidney disease you may not handle the excretion of inorganic minerals very well through your weak kidneys. For persons with Kidney disease it is best to use humic shale derived colloidal mineral supplement found in  Liqui-Min . The smaller state of these elements make them more easily excreted by the kidneys. Other than that, I recommend Mineral Magic for everyone.

Success Stories:
My Name is Jacob H. Age 30 . My wife, Raihana (age 30), and I have been taking Coral Calcium and Mineral Magic for a little over three months now. I suffered from a receding hairline, and graying hair. Within two months after using these two products, we both experienced rapid hair growth, and thousands of new hairs have grown in. Both of our hairlines moved down our foreheads at least a 1/2-centimeter, and my gray hairs have almost completely gone away now. I also noticed a dramatic increase in erection frequency, and quality! It looks like dirt, it tastes like dirt, but it does a lot more for you than your average dirt! Thank you Stephen Heuer, and Synergistic Nutrition!
Dr. Patrick H, Chiropractor:  About one week ago I started taking Mineral Magic. I'm sleeping fewer hours and awakening more refreshed.
Jay Cooper:  Hey Stephen, I just wanna say I think the Mineral Magic and Cod Liver Oil did some great work on our new baby. My wife took both everyday during the last trimester of her pregnancy. Some people in our family were amazed at how great our baby girl’s skin looked right after she was born, as well as how responsive she is now with eye contact at only two weeks old.
Mineral Magic is one of these more affordable and effective mineral supplements in the world today at only $35 for a 6 months supply at 1/2 tsp. per day.
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I Appreciate You,
Stephen Heuer, Nutripath and Staff
[1] Rare Earths Forbidden Cures, Dr. Joel Wallach
[2] Rare Earths Forbidden Cures, Dr. Joel Wallach