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Your Monthly News and Updates from The Physical Activity Alliance

Happy Holidays from the Physical Activity Alliance!

Happy Holidays from the Physical Activity Alliance. We thank all of you for being part of our network and supporting us this year. 

Take a look at our 2023 End of Year Report that highlights all that we've accomplished this year and also please read the message below from outgoing President, Dr. Amy Bantham.

Move With US as we continue the work into 2024 and beyond!

President's Farewell

As I look back at my year as President of the Physical Activity Alliance, I reflect on the amazing progress we have made as an organization. I am particularly proud of our accomplishments in three areas: 1) building community, 2) achieving short-term wins, and 3) communicating those wins. We built a stronger community within the organization through the work of four newly formed committees, and with the larger physical activity community including 80 organizations that joined us in Washington, DC at our inaugural #MoveWithUS Symposium. 

Our progress with the It’s Time to Move campaign means that we are that much closer to our vision of a world where every clinician is prompted by the electronic health record to discuss physical activity levels with every patient, and refer them to an evidence-based program or qualified exercise professional. With publication of the Physical Activity Implementation Guide this year, we now have a roadmap to achieve this vision and are moving to test it with health systems throughout the country. 

Our monthly newsletter, which highlights our new and ongoing activities, now reaches 21% more subscribers, which shows that people are engaging with our work to make physical activity more accessible, frequent, and integrated into people’s day-to-day lives. 

This year I was fortunate to meet many Physical Activity Alliance fans and supporters, both in person and online. The greatest compliment I received from them is that ours is an organization that gets things done. I am excited for what 2024 brings in the capable hands of our new President, Pam Watts.

Amy Bantham

CEO/Founder, Move to Live®More

President, Physical Activity Alliance

Who Are We?

The Physical Activity Alliance is the nation’s largest and most inclusive community of physical activity advocates, researchers, academics, and practitioners. 

Guided by the National Physical Activity Plan, our mission is to create, support, and advocate for policy and system changes that enable all Americans to enjoy physically active lives. 

Together, we envision an active and healthy nation where the opportunity for physical activity is easily available in the daily lives of Americans. #MoveWithUS

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