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Your Monthly News and Updates From The Physical Activity Alliance

Launch: Military Settings - US National Physical Activity Plan

Congressional Briefing on Physical Activity and National Security

Earlier this week, the Physical Activity Alliance hosted a Congressional Briefing on Physical Activity and National Security. The briefing featured military leaders and public health officials talking to policymakers about how physical inactivity is impacting the readiness, lethality, and longevity of our nation’s current, future, and former service members. 

The briefing also presented solutions from the new Military Settings sector of the U.S. National Physical Activity Plan and served as the official launch of the new sector. To learn more about how physical inactivity is impacting our military, Watch the briefing and check out the resources and materials below.

Video from the Congressional Briefing on Physical Activity and National Security

Watch the recording Congressional Briefing on Physical Activity and National Security

Resources and Materials 

  • Read the full Report
  • Physical Activity and National Security One-Pager
  • The latest episode of the Move to Live More podcast featuring U.S. National Physical Activity Plan Military Sector chair Dan Bornstein, Ph.D. Listen
  • Dan Bornstein’s Op-Ed “America’s newest national security threat: Obesity”, which appeared in The Hill on June 28, 2022 Read
  • The Physical Activity Alliance’s Letter to the White House about the Importance of Physical Activity. It features a statement on National Security and Military Readiness. Read

Congressional Physical Activity Challenge Winners!

The Physical Activity Alliance recently wrapped up our 2022 Congressional Physical Activity Challenge. Thank you to all of the congressional offices that participated in our event to highlight the importance of physical activity to overall health, wellness, and prevention. For the second year in a row Senator Burr's office took home two awards. Check out the winners below. 

Highest Average MEPs - Senator Tammy Baldwin - 9,149 MEPs - Democrat | Senate

Total Team MEPs - Senator Richard Burr - 137,395 - Republican | Senate

Most Participants to reach WHO PA Guidelines - Senator Richard Burr – 30 - Republican | Senate

Overall Individual Point Leader - Logan Sicker - 25,278 - Representative Michael Cloud | Republican | House of Representatives

** Pictured above are representatives from PAA presenting Senator Burr his awards. We are already looking forward to next years challenge!

HALO Talks Episode #344: Dr. Laurie Whitsel & Tom Richards

In one of their most important podcasts released to date, Dr. Laurie Whitsel, Senior Advisor to the Physical Activity Alliance and Tom Richards, Physical Activity Alliance Engagement & Partnerships Consultant joined the HALO Talks to discuss HL7 and our It's Time to Move Campaign.


Webinar Recap: Promoting Outdoor Spaces for a Healthy Nation

Thank you to all who joined the Webinar two in our Year of Active People, Healthy Nation series!

Webinar three will focus on communicating about physical activity band is scheduled for September 2022. Registration information will be provided in our August newsletter.

Graphic advertising the webinar and link to the recorded presentation

It's Time to Move

Our “It’s Time to Move” campaign is a multi-year policy and systems change initiative that will empower health care providers to seamlessly integrate physical activity clinical measures into patient care plans. In doing so, we hope to make physical activity prescriptions a standard of care for all people living in the US.

Integrating physical activity into the healthcare system is necessary to improve patient care, promote health and well-being through active living, and enhance our national physical activity surveillance systems.

Check out our Action Plan to integrate physical activity assessment, prescription, and referral into healthcare delivery.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

The purpose of this section is to provide physical activity resources, articles, research, and education as it relates to equity, diversity, and inclusion.

How 50 Years of Title IX Have Changed American Sports Read

Title IX Report Shows Gains in Female Participation, Though Rates Lag Increases by Men Read

Title IX turns 50: A look at How Those 37 Words Have Impacted Women in Sports Read

Transcript: Title IX: 50 Years Later


The State of Women in College Sports

The NCCA Office of Inclusion recently released its Title IX at 50 report, "The State of Women in College Sports (PDF)," which illustrates the participation gains for female student-athletes, especially for racially and ethnically diverse populations. But the milestone report also outlines the challenges that remain for women in leadership positions and the allocation of resources at member campuses. Read

Physical Activity and Dementia: A Brain Health Academy Seminar

The Physical Activity Alliance is proud to partner with Us Against Alzheimer's in a new Brain Health Academy providing, evidence-based courses designed to equip health and wellness professionals with the knowledge and resources to help people reduce their risk of dementia.

Physical inactivity is one of the known modifiable risk factors for dementia. People who are physically active are less likely to experience a decline in their mental function and have a lowered risk of developing dementia. This course moves from knowledge to application by providing actionable guidance and tools to help providers effectively address this opportunity with patients and families. Learn More

Active Living Support Portal

The American Heart Association is pleased to share a new resource to support community-led active living policy change. AHA’s new Active Living Support Portal offers individuals and community organizations a new site to submit questions about active living policies, like Complete Streets. An ever-growing Resource Library is also available with tools from both AHA and valued partners. Vsit the new support portal HERE.

Research, Reports, Recommendations, and Releases

New! Actively Moving America to Better Health: 2022 American Fitness Index

For the 5th consecutive year, Arlington, VA tops the list as America's Fittest City on the 2022 American Fitness Index. Read

New! Making Strides: 2022 State Report Cards on Support for Walking, Bicycling, and Active Kids and Communities

Safe Routes Partnership’s state report cards and report examine how the laws, policies, and funding decisions made by state governments are supporting active kids and communities through opportunities for walking, bicycling, rolling, and physical activity. This report includes report cards for all 50 states and the District of Columbia, and factsheets on how to use your report card and understand your state’s report card scores and grading. Learn More

Moving Matters for My Health

Moving Matters is a communication campaign supporting Active People, Healthy Nation, a CDC-led initiative to help 27 million Americans be more physically active by 2027. Learn More

New! Dangerous By Design 2022

Smart Growth America’s Dangerous by Design 2022 report provides the most up-to-date look at how dangerous state and metro areas are for people walking and sheds light on the deadliest places in the United States based on traffic fatalities from 2016 to 2020.

Learn More

New! Infographic from SHAPE America: Physical Education along with Physical Activity: Kids Need Both!

Children Are Doing 20% Less Physical Activity Amid The Pandemic, Study Finds Read

In The News...

Congressional Physical Activity Challenge Shows Legislators the Importance of Exercise Read

America’s Newest National Security Threat: Obesity Read

Staying Flexible and Healthy as You Age Read

For your health: Be a 'Weekend Warrior' to Fit in Exercise You Missed Out on During the Week Read

Why Some Doctors Are Prescribing Ballroom Dance or a Day at the Museum Read 

20 Minutes of Vigorous Exercise Daily Works Wonders for Teens Read

Staying Flexible and Healthy as You Age Read

You Won’t Live Longer by Diet or Exercise Alone, Study Says Read


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Who Are We?

The Physical Activity Alliance is the nation’s largest and most inclusive community of physical activity advocates, researchers, academics, and practitioners. 

Guided by the National Physical Activity Plan, our mission is to create, support, and advocate for policy and system changes that enable all Americans to enjoy physically active lives. 

Together, we envision an active and healthy nation where the opportunity for physical activity is easily available in the daily lives of Americans. #MoveWithUS

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