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Your Monthly News and Updates From The Physical Activity Alliance

White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health – September 28, 2022


The White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health will be held on September 28. The scope of the Conference is based on five pillars, one of which is physical activity. We are excited to have leaders from the Physical Activity Alliance attending in person. For those not attending in parson, the conference will be streamed online. Learn More

** Join Our Watch Party ** The Physical Activity Alliance will host a virtual watch & chat party during the conference. Please contact us at to join.

Framing Equity in Physical Activity

As advocates and leaders in advancing physical activity in the US, the Physical Activity Alliance and the FrameWorks Institute recently held a webinar: Framing Equity in Physical Activity. We talked leaders from the WHO, HHS, and CDC as they shared key framing approaches to communicating equity in physical activity and dove into the new report The Framing Guidance: Equitable Physical Activity.

Please take a look at the many resources shared during the webinar as well as the recording.

Learn More

Video Recording of the Framing Equity in Physical Activity webinar

Watch the Recording

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

The purpose of this section is to provide physical activity resources, articles, research, and education as it relates to equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Official Sharekit: PLEASE SHARE

The FrameWorks Institute, in partnership with the Physical Activity Alliance (PAA), has released a new toolkit with framing guidance and recommendations for communicating about equity in physical activity. 

This sharekit is designed to help spread the word about this new resource for those working at every level of government and the sectors represented in the National Physical Activity Plan. We would greatly appreciate your support in bringing these resources to the attention of your members, constituencies, and other audiences. Learn More

Checkout the sharekit.

Health Equity: Beyond the Headlines

The annual Movement is Life Caucus, Health Equity: Beyond the Headlines, is coming up on Nov 10-11, 2022, in Washington, DC. Registration is open. Learn More

Launch: Military Settings - US National Physical Activity Plan

Congressional Briefing on Physical Activity and National Security

The Physical Activity Alliance recently hosted a Congressional Briefing on Physical Activity and National Security, which launched the Military Settings sector of our U.S. National Physical Activity Plan. The briefing featured military leaders and public health officials talking to policymakers about how physical inactivity is impacting the readiness, lethality, and longevity of our nation’s current, future, and former service members. 

Video from the Congressional Briefing on Physical Activity and National Security

Watch the Congressional Briefing on Physical Activity and National Security.

Research, Reports, Recommendations, and Releases

Important Resources for Physical Activity Assessment

We are excited to share with you some exciting resources developed to standardize the assessment of physical activity and sitting time in the workplace. The Physical Activity Alliance and the Physical Activity Policy Research and Evaluation Network (PAPREN), along with numerous key stakeholders in the workplace sector, have developed these resources to summarize standardized criteria for physical activity, physical fitness, and sedentary behavior.

Our infographic and table of standardized measures of PA are now accessible under the CEO Pledge drop-down menu of the PAA website, under Resources. We hope you will consider integrating these standards into your workplace health promotion efforts. These standards have been developed through expert consensus with a goal of improving workplace health through increased movement. 

Please stay tuned as we will be doing a hard launch of our CEO Pledge in late September. 

– Worldwide Physical Activity Trends Since COVID-19 Onset Read

– Association of Daily Step Count and Intensity With Incident Dementia in 78,430 Adults Living in the UK Read

– Associations of Accelerometer-Measured Physical Activity and Sedentary Time With All-Cause Mortality by Genetic Predisposition for Longevity Read

– Physical Activity, Sedentary Time and Breast Cancer Risk: a Mendelian Randomization Study Read

– Long-Term Leisure-Time Physical Activity Intensity and All-Cause and Cause-Specific Mortality: A Prospective Cohort of US Adults Read

– Leisure Activities and the Risk of Dementia: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Read

Active People, Healthy NationSM

Active People, Healthy NationSM is a national initiative led by CDC to help 27 million Americans become more physically active by 2027. Learn More

Move Your Way®

The Move Your Way® campaign is the promotional campaign for the Second Edition of the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans. The  goal is to help people live healthier lives through increased physical activity. Learn More

Active Living Support Portal

The American Heart Association is pleased to share a resource to support community-led active living policy change. AHA’s Active Living Support Portal offers individuals and community organizations a site to submit questions about active living policies, like Complete Streets. An ever-growing Resource Library is also available with tools from both AHA and partners including new model policies for supporting Comprehensive School Physical Activity Programs at the state and local levels. Visit the support portal HERE.

Physical Activity and Dementia: A Brain Health Academy Seminar

The Physical Activity Alliance is proud to partner with Us Against Alzheimer's in a new Brain Health Academy course. Physical inactivity is one of the known modifiable risk factors for dementia. People who are physically active are less likely to experience a decline in their mental function and have a lowered risk of developing dementia. This course moves from knowledge to application by providing actionable guidance and tools to help providers effectively address this opportunity with patients and families. Learn More

ACSM Exercise Is Medicine Credential®

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recently launched a new Exercise is Medicine® online course for health fitness professionals. The 15-hour interactive experience includes the latest exercise guidelines and training modifications for 10 common medical conditions, active aging, behavioral support (the coach approach) and health care basics. Content was contributed by over 30 ACSM subject matter experts and is presented in a new online platform that includes engagement and movement breaks to enhance learning.  Learn More

In The News...

– Forget Physique. Mental Health Is the Newest, Hottest Fitness Goal Read

– What Types of Exercise Reduce Dementia Risk? Read

– Why We Walk Read

– How Sitting All Day Can Cause Health Problems — Even If You Exercise Read

– How Moving More and Sitting Less May Help Lower Breast Cancer Risk Read

– Women Who Are Physically Active May Live Longer, Regardless of Their Genes Read

– Exercise 2-4x More Than the HHS Recommends to Achieve Maximum Benefit, Says New Study Read

– Dementia Risk Tied to Daily Step Count Read

Who Are We?

The Physical Activity Alliance is the nation’s largest and most inclusive community of physical activity advocates, researchers, academics, and practitioners. 

Guided by the National Physical Activity Plan, our mission is to create, support, and advocate for policy and system changes that enable all Americans to enjoy physically active lives. 

Together, we envision an active and healthy nation where the opportunity for physical activity is easily available in the daily lives of Americans. #MoveWithUS

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