Volume 61
May 26, 2021
Snapshots, For the Better
  • Methodical nurturing
  • Database analysis
  • Taking Science Seriously™
  • Educational Focus, Helpful Conversations
  • Contagious Ideas
  • Memorial Day Tribute
To methodically nurture physician referrals, we Start with Why and discover who. Motivated by Whole Person Care basics, educational networking effects are influential catalysts. Like aiding patients to experience the joy of hearing is your mission, maintaining or bringing sight to life is to ophthalmologists, treating diabetes patients is to endocrinologists and the expert list goes on.
When medical teams collectively apply specialized clinical talents, outcomes are optimally beneficial for all involved. Logically, Whole Person Care must involve the Whole Team coordination which patients’ medical profiles require.
Led by Outside In practice growth aims, our Physician Referral program features these primary goals:
  • Increase referrals from current sources
  • Find new referral sources
  • Promote research-based comorbidity education

To increase referrals from current sources, we study your physician referral database. At baseline, we analyze:
  • Currently referring Doctors’ clinical focus, whether primary care or specialty
  • Quantity, frequency, trends and results of their referrals
  • Practice type, whether solo, group or medical system-owned
  • Key opinion leader attributes or opportune cues worthy of attention
While valuable information usually flows from practice management records, many need enhanced processes for gathering and inputting necessary details. These challenges are common and systematic protocols will improve data capture. In addition, your well-established relationships with local clinicians are competitive advantages to be intently capitalized upon.
To promote research-based comorbidity education with all referral sources, our May 2020 issue emphasized Taking Science Seriously™:
“Akin to clinical protocols, systematic awareness plans and logical action steps define blueprints for optimal outcomes. With which medical specialists should select ‘Did You Know?’ comorbidity information be shared? To successfully plan intuitive networking, profile current referral sources and identify clinical interests their websites indicate. Are they primary care and internal medicine doctors treating an array of medical conditions or specialists like endocrinologists, neurologists, oncologists or psychologists with distinct therapeutic focus?”
What to share with whom? That is the question…
Our Educational Focus, Helpful Conversations targeting matrix appraises subject matter relevance. As shown, we cross-reference various comorbidities with healthcare providers caring for patients which particular Did You Know? collections would be useful.
To maximize professional impact, there is remarkable value in being deeply knowledgeable about educational insights being shared. From Pearls of Wisdom™ to patient handouts, each customized format steers confident dialogue on Whole Person Care connections.
For easy reference, this popular issue highlighted Contagious ideas and Subject Matter Expertise:

Those who Take Science Seriously™ are Subject Matter Experts who hone their craft and understand the value of social currency.

“As [Jonah] Berger states, ‘Just as people use money to buy products and services, they use social currency to achieve desired positive impressions among their families, friends, and colleagues. So to get people talking, companies and organizations need to mint social currency. Give people a way to make them look good while promoting their products and services along the way.’” 

“As talented researchers methodically create evidence-based insights, much of which is publicly available, hearing care professionals who aspire to be whole person care leaders must exhibit subject matter expertise as educational curators who nurture and mint comorbidity-related social currency.”
With Memorial Day upcoming, we honor all who have and do serve our country.
“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that
the highest appreciation is not to utter words,
but to live by them.”
— John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Words cannot adequately express challenges they have and do face, during and after tours of duty. Beyond VA facilities, many amazing organizations are dedicated to providing empathetic support to those in need. A wonderful example is Darkhorse Lodge, whose mission is
“Honoring our nation's heroes by providing a peaceful atmosphere for combat veterans to enjoy rest, relaxation and recreation.”

This non-profit organization was started by Goldstar mother Gretchen Catherwood in honor of her son, LCpl Alec Catherwood KIA in Afghanistan on October 14, 2010.

To learn more, please see special event or contact Maura Chippendale: maura@chippendaleaudiology.com.
Bruce Essman
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