Physician Resources
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The following businesses have products tailored towards medical professionals or have sponsorship history with the society.
Document HELOC Home equity line of credit on a table.
Home Refinance or HELOC


4 25-257-4486 & 425-367-2811

Kevin Kober Washington Federal

Christy Sorensen at Bank of the Pacific
360-319-8659 & 360-756-2772
U.S. Federal cash Incentive Coronavirus COVID-19 on global pandemic lockdown stimulus package financial relief package from government
Business & Financial Relief


US Bank NW WA Commercial Banking 

of Waycross IMC have offered to assist with understanding your options - 360-671-0148


Paycheck Protection Program application & FAQ Sheet

CARES Act Details:
  1. Makes distributions from IRAs optional
  2. Access retirement savings early, penalties waved
  3. Forgivable loans
  4. Short-term loads

Last Will and testament document with pen

Wills & Estate Planning

Attorney's at Law
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Wellness & Self Care Options

Ten Percent Happier: Mindful Meditation
6 months free with code: HEALTHCARE

Physician Support Line:

FREE Headspace - use NPI and email
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Doctors Needing Doctors

Are you a physician who doesn’t have a PCP? There are colleagues who have opened space for you! Please click below to request a list of peers seeing new patients.
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Peer Connection

Facebook Groups:

  • Bellingham Women MD/DO
  • Northwest Medical Society Virtual Meet Up
Child Care


(360) 255-0585

Whatcom Boys & Girls Club &
Kids World
(360) 305-2197 (Sofia)

Hillcrest ( 1-3 year-olds)
(360) 733-8135

Bellingham SportsPlex (Mark)

If you have any questions
or need some resources
call or email the NWMS office: