Physicians; Defining Your Leverage in Payer Negotiations
The inability to define your leverage will lead to failed negotiations. Payers are not going to bring up missed points of leverage with you.
  • What separates you from your competition?
  • What do you do clinically better than your competitors?
  • What benefits do you bring to the hospitals you cover?
  • What are benefits to the patients you treat; in your opinion, what is the level of patient satisfaction?
  • What do you do clinically that reduces healthcare costs for the payer?
  • What about you makes you “special” within the payer’s provider network?
We've Got Your Back

We're often asked; "who does the negotiating?" It is a team-effort.

Everything is prepared for the physician's signature, signed and sent to the payer by the physician and/or practice.

You will now have the financial data and tools necessary to properly manage payer contracts, fee schedules and payments, ensuring they are correct and being optimized.

All payer contracts and fee schedules are inventoried, cataloged, analyzed and accompanied with the payer letters needed to make the right decision for your practice.
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