Central Catholic Families,

Over the past several months, a representative group of diocesan staff and licensed medical professionals in the Peoria and Bloomington-Normal areas were consulted by the Superintendent of Schools in the design of the OCS Diocesan Plan.

Below is a link for a presentation provided by a group of OSF/Methodist physicians, providing a local medical perspective on the reopening of schools this fall. The purpose of this video is to help provide some background and insight to the development of this plan.  

Some directives in our reopening plan may change throughout the year, especially the Infection Protocols, depending on CDC/IDPH updates. We will all need to continue to be flexible and adaptable as we enter the new academic year.

Key Points of the OCS Physician presentation: 
  • 3:20   Overview of COVID 19 
  • 6:05   Overview of Pediatric COVID 19 and Masking
  • 9:30    Infection/Isolation Protocols 
  • 13:50  Parent Guidance, Tips, Encouragement
  • 17:45  Parent/physician testimony of importance/value of Catholic education 
Please use the following link to view the 22-minute video:
Password : r3W?.SaQ  (if necessary)
We look forward to working with you to continue to provide our students a safe environment to receive the best quality education, helping them to grow spiritually, emotionally and intellectually. 

Sean Foster