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It may be time to tune your piano!

No matter how much you play your piano, it's critical to your investment that you regularly maintain the instrument. In our Kentuckiana climate, we recommend you have your piano tuned a minimum of twice per year to ensure your piano's performance quality, tonal stability, and investment value.  Thus, at least twice per year, we send you an email reminder that it may be time to tune your piano.  If you have already done so, congratulations! 

If not, click here to request a piano tuning.

Just like your automobile, your piano will perform better - and last longer - thanks to your maintenance investment.

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What Causes a Piano to Go Out of Tune?
No matter how often you play your piano, there are hidden forces at work - seeking to push or pull your piano out of tune.  Just like cars (which require regular oil changes, brake replacements and other maintenance to function), your piano needs help battling the elements.  You might be shocked to learn what is really working to ruin your piano's tone and shorten it's lifespan. 

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How Often Should You Tune Your Piano?
It makes no sense to buy a nice instrument and then fail to maintain it.  Fine pianos are only as good as their most recent tuning.  You may be surprised to find out how often major piano manufacturers like Yamaha and Steinway recommend you tune your piano - especially if you only tune it when you think it sounds bad.  Find out how to protect your investment with this critical blog. 

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