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NW Arkansas News & Updates
August 2022
It's That Time!
Declare War on Armyworms!
As we move further into summer, armyworms in large numbers invade our pastures and hay fields. Fall armyworms are the most common this time of year and can be identified by an inverted “Y” located on their head. These worms consume roughly 80% of their total diet in the last few days as caterpillars, and in large numbers can destroy hay fields and pastures in a matter of days.
Beat The Heat
11 Tips To Curb Heat Stress In Cattle
When it’s 80 degrees or hotter out, a cow's ability to regulate their own temperature becomes a big challenge. The heat may be unavoidable, but you can take proactive steps to mitigate its impact on your herd. Water, shade, and the right nutrition can help mitigate heat stress in cattle.
Summer Flock Tips
Many people don’t realize that birds are unable to sweat. To cool down, they open their beaks and pant or spread their wings away from their bodies. If these cooling strategies are not enough, birds are more likely to become lethargic and may stop eating feed.
Shop the Elkins Cooperative for Bear Bait
It's Bear Bait Time!
Bear Bait is arriving soon at Farmer's Cooperative in Elkins, 2049 Twin Oaks Drive. Assorted bait including bulk items, pails of frostings and purée, peanut butter, barrels of jelly and pop tarts, and 30# boxes of candy are on order and expected in the next few weeks. Keep an eye on Facebook and we'll let you know when it's here. *Please note, that supplies are limited, so please call the store at (479) 643-2004, to confirm delivery/stock before you head over.
NW Arkansas Happenings
Cattle Tub Upcycling
August 1-20
Recycle cattle tubs at Farmer's Co-op, and get $4 off a future Purina Protein Tub purchase! We’re helping turn empty tubs into beautiful, park benches.
Chick Day
August 20
Heartland Hatchery stops at the Prairie Grove Co-op with assorted chicks for sale. Pre-orders are available by calling Heartland Hatchery.
Pond Stocking
Need fish for your pond? Arkansas Pondstockers offer convenient fish stock deliveries to Farmer's Co-op. Check our schedule frequently.
Seed & Sow Agricultural Magazine
Can, Pickle, & Preserve
Let’s talk a little about zucchini. This vegetable seems to be one that is easily grown & can be preserved in many different ways. Find out fun ways to can, pickle, and preserve this plentiful vegetable to enjoy year-round.
Seed & Sow Agricultural Magazine
Summer Edition
In this issue, we explore the Mulberry River, dole out some tips and tricks to keep your garden pest-free, great recipes for summer harvests, and even offer up some summer reading. As always, we hope you enjoy it!