Dear Nosh and Drash/Teen Quest Families,

Pick up schedule change for tomorrow. Please read below.

As you know, our efforts to help Armando return home to his family and ours have hit a critical point .

Bet Torah will be holding a Candlelight Vigil and Rally in Support of Armando Tuesday, October 16th at 7:30 p.m.

So that our teens can participate in this important community event, we will be ending Tuesday's TLC program at 7:30 so teens can join the rest of the community at the rally. We anticipate the rally ending at 8:00. Families are welcome to join their teens at the rally!

If your child cannot stay until the end of the rally, we recommend picking up by 7:25.

We will also be providing materials to make posters earlier in the evening.

Thank you so much!
There are other ways you can support Armando.

  • The appeal will come before judges in Batavia and we encourage you to print out the following letter, sign it, add a handwritten note and mail it as soon as possible to the address you will find on the letter. There are two letters, one for Bet Torah members and one for members of the community at large. Feel free to share and encourage both populations. Here they are: Letter From BT MemberLetter From Community Member
  • We have updated this video with the latest chapter in Armando's story. Please share it and encourage friends and family to share it as well. (IMPORTANT: When you share please write that “Armando has one last appeal before a judge in Batavia, NY.” Otherwise it will just share the video.)