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Health Benefits of

Asian Pears

Asian pears are a nutritious and delicious snack! Some of its benefits include:

  • Forming red blood cells
  • Helps w/ collagen production, which helps cushion joints & strengthen bones
  • Clings to "bad" LDL cholesterol and cleans it out of your system
  • Helps manage blood sugar
  • Good source of folic acid, great for expecting mothers
  • Great source of fiber

Savor Our September Crop!

Get a head start on your favorite fall activities! If you have been waiting all summer for a cool breeze, the sweet smell of fresh apples in the air, apple cider donuts, and hand-made caramel apples, then you can stop waiting. It's time to check off 'apple picking' from your fall bucket list. We are apple picking every day!

Asian Pears

Asian Pears were introduced to California by Chinese laborers around 1850. Since then, many varieties were imported from China, Korea, and Japan. They are gold to bronze in color and have a sweet-tart flavor with floral notes. Asian Pears are great for eating, baking, steaming, and poaching. 


Everyone's favorite apple is back! Honeycrisp apples are more modern apples. They were developed in the 1960's, but weren't introduced in grocery stores until the 1990's. Their color is light green/yellow with a red flush and sometimes with speckles. This refreshing apple is juicy, sweet, and crisp. Great for eating!


Gala apples originate from New Zealand in the 1930's. They are a cross between a Golden Delicious and a Kdd's Orange Red. This delicious apple has a sweet-mild flavor and is crisp, but not hard. It is one of the most widely grown varieties in the world! Gala apples are excellent for snacking, salads, juicing, baking, and freezing.


Blondee apples were a spontaneous mutation of gala apple in Ohio, 2000. They have a pale yellow appearance, occasionally tinged with green or a slight orange blush depending on sun exposure. Blondee apples have a mild-sweet taste with faint notes of honey, melon, and spices. These apples are great for cooking and baking.


Somerset apples are an older variety dating all the way back to before the 1850's in Maine. They are large apples with yellow skin and red blush or stripes. This apple is crisp and juicy with an outstanding sweet-tart taste. Some people even say it has a tangy Honeycrisp taste. Somerset apples are good for eating, cooking, and baking.

Golden Supreme

Some people believe Golden Supreme apples were first grown in Virginia and others believe it was Idaho in the 1960's. They have pale yellow skin- often overlaid with red, orange, or pink blush. Golden Supreme apples are mild and sweet with spicy notes and almost no tartness/acidity. They are great for snacking.


McIntosh apples are Canadian apples that were discovered after John McIntosh and his wife were cleaning out sections of their farm in 1811. These apples have a yellow-green base often covered in big patches of red. They are sweet-tar in flavor but sweeten as their season progresses. They are perfect for eating and baking.

Orchard & Farm Park Hours

9:00AM-5:00PM (last admission sold at 4:00PM) Daily

FREE PARKING all season long!

The Applewood Grill is Open for the Season!

This weekend, savor all the delicious foods our Applewood Grill has to offer! Take a break from apple picking and get a freshly grilled burger, brat, hotdog, pot roast sandwich, BBQ pulled pork sandwich, corn on the cob, and more!

The Applewood Grill is open Saturday- Sunday 9:00AM-4:00PM.

Farm Park Fun Every Day

Kids of all ages can feed the goats at the Golden Goat Bridge, journey through the Corn Maze, play in the Corn Palace Corn Box, zoom down the Giant Slide and MORE! On weekends, we have pony rides or jumping pillow experiences for kids.

Every Day: 9:00AM-5:00PM

(last admission sold at 4:00PM)

Join us in our Red Barn Restaurant for delicious homestyle comfort meals! Savor our delicious creations such as the Cowboy SandwichHoller Skillet, and the Chicken BLT. This is how it works: Order at the kitchen counter, take a seat wherever you'd like, and we'll bring your meal hot and ready to you.

No reservations. First come, first served.

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Super Summer Sweets!

Transport your taste buds to a magical place with our homemade pies, donuts, and pastries. This week's specials are made daily in our Gift Shop, Farm Store, and Bakery. Stop in to satisfy your peachy sweet craving any day of the week from 9:00AM-5:00PM.

Apple Cider Donuts

6 pack - 7.95

12 pack - 13.95

High-Top Apple Pie

5"- 6.95

9"- 24.95

Sharp Cheddar Bread

5.99 Each

Cold Treats to Beat the Heat!

Apple Cider Slushies

Fall in love with our apple cider slushies! This drink has no added sugar or preservatives... it's just the apples!

3.49 per cup

Soft Serve Ice Cream

Choose from chocolate, vanilla, or swirl.

Cone or Dish 1.99

Hard Apple Cider

Our hard apple cider is not too sweet and not too tart, making it the perfect end of summer drink!

7.00 per glass