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Spooky and His Pansy Placemat by Shelly Smola Designs

Happy Mother's Day! Spooky and I have been making posies of pansies this week for all you moms out there. He was being purrfectly precious carrying around his flower while we worked on the new Pansy Placemat set. He even slept with it while I was tidying up the sewing room. What a sweet Mom's Day treat for me!

Pansy Placemat by Shelly Smola Designs

The new Pansy Placemat set includes placemats in two large sizes (12" and 14").

Pansy Placemat by Shelly Smola Designs

It also includes a matching coaster. All of them are finished in the hoop with an overlapping back. Simply sweet, and sure to please mom for her brunch today! Yes, you can make it right quick! Click here to find it. And if you like that Pretty Pansy, it's our gift to you today! You can find it free here - Happy Mother's Day!

May Applique Bouquet by Shelly Smola Designs

Here's another goodie for Mom. The May Bouquet Applique will look cheerful on any project, and it's on sale now. You can find it here

May Tags by Shelly Smola Designs

If you'd like to whip up a cute gift tag to top Mom's gift, the May Tags are also on sale. You can find them here!

Sew Girly by Shelly Smola Designs

After making all these goodies for Mom, stitch up something pretty for yourself!

Sew Girly by Shelly Smola Designs

The Sew Girly Makeup Case is a sweet little project that can be finished in an afternoon. The two zippered pockets can hold jewelry, sewing supplies, or anything else. It's on sale, and you can find it here.

Spring Fling by Shelly Smola Designs

I've been making tons of Spring Fling flowers this week - they're just so delightfully pretty! They're still on sale, and you can see more of them here.

spooky and Sew Girly by Shelly Smola Designs

We hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Shelly and Purrfectly Precocious Partner

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