A Message From Michelle
Joy…a word often associated with the Holidays. We feel ‘Christmas Joy’ as the season nears; we belt out the lyrics of ‘Joy to the World’ as we listen to holiday music in our car; and again as we watch ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ for the 100th time, we listen to Linus quote his favorite Christmas passage…”And the angel said unto them, Fear not: For, behold I bring you good tidings of GREAT JOY, which shall be to all people”. And whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, the month of December is the one most associated with the word, Joy!

We give permission to ourselves during the Holidays to revel in all the things that make us happy; that bring us Joy. We once more allow ourselves to become children for a moment. We pause in excitement at the sight of the first snowflake. We delight in watching the wonder in a child’s eyes as they see their first glimpse of Santa. The glow of a candle in a window and the lights on a tree take us back to our childhood when the mention of Christmas morning filled us with excitement. We bake our cookies; we light the fireplace and we spend time with those we love. 

2021 has been a year of recovery in so many ways and while we continue to face the challenges of uncertainty, we face it together. We have gathered together again this year; we’ve celebrated milestones; we’ve spent time with those we’ve loved; we’ve hugged one another again! Our residents, their families, our staff…we’re all ‘family’ and we’ve suffered this storm together and we will continue to hold one another up as we continue to face the coming year. 

And so, as we close out this year, I wish all of you Joy. And I wish you the wonder of becoming a ‘child’ again; to relish those moments…to wear an Ugly Sweater, to belt out a Holiday song at the top of your lungs, to eat too many cookies, and to drink hot chocolate in front of a fireplace with someone you love. 

Happy Holidays to all of you,

Michelle Knobloch, NHA
Chief Executive Officer
With heavy hearts and great sadness, we mourn the loss of the extraordinary life of Jo-Anne Nardo. Jo-Anne passed away on November 8, 2021, but her legacy of service, support, kindness and generosity to the Pickering community will last for generations to come. To say Jo-Anne had an impact on Pickering Manor is an understatement, she made an everlasting impression on all our hearts.

Jo-Anne’s relationship with Pickering Manor began not long after Pickering was founded in 1963. In addition to being a faithful volunteer and supporter, Jo-Anne proudly served as a Board Member of Pickering Manor and President of the Pickering Manor Auxiliary for many years. As a board member and as well as a previous President of the Auxiliary, Jo-Anne was instrumental in co-orchestrating many successful events that directly benefited the residents of Pickering Manor. Some of these annual events included: Ladies Tea, Fashion Shows, Charity Balls, Block Parties and so much more! There are no words for how deeply Jo-Anne will be missed but we are certain she will remain forever in our hearts.
Jo-Anne Nardo and Jean Torongo present a program on the history of Pickering Manor at an Auxiliary meeting (Russel Pickering Pictured in Portrait). Photo: March 2005
Jo-Anne and Vincent Nardo accompany Joanne’s Mother Katherine Mead to Pickering Manor’s Winterfest Ball. Jo-Anne’s mother was a resident of Pickering Manor. Photo: January 2001
Annual Pickering Manor Auxiliary Charity Ball directly benefiting the residents of Pickering Manor. Committee members, from left front, Michelle Knobloch, Jo-Anne Nardo, Kimberly Cole; back row, Jane Swartz, Maureen Russell and Mary Jo Garner. Photo: November 2002
Traditionally the Pickering Manor Auxiliary gracioulsy decorates the Pickering Manor lobby Christmas Tree. From Right to Left: Jo-Anne Nardo, Jean Torongo, Audrie Johnson and Ann Balderston. Photo: December 2004
As we near gets underway in our Memory Care Garden - a fully secure outdoor environment specifically designed for our memory care residents. We are excited to share this beautiful space with our residents - old and new! It will truly be a magical oasis - we can't wait to see it bloom!
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We were so excited to welcome back an annual tradition! This past Sunday Pickering Manor proudly sponsored the Council Rock Marching Bands in the NBA/McCaffrey's Holiday Parade in Newtown! It was wonderful to see our friends!
Happiest of birthdays to our residents celebrating a birthday this month:

December Birthdays

December 7
Mary H.

December 9
Margaret C.

December 17
Theresa B.

December 29
Carmela R.
It was so nice to have our friends from Bucks County Community College back in the building. BCCC LPN Clinical Rotation Program resumed at Pickering for the first time in 3.5 years! Welcome and we are excited to have you join us for the next several weeks!
Our staff and residents did not waste any time getting into the holiday spirit!
Chris, Director of Maintenance, puts the final touches on the Yates Lobby Tree.
And CEO, Michelle Knobloch, makes it juuuuust right!
Join us for tree decorating in the Personal Care Neighborhood...
And the decorating begins as Ron places the first ornament!

Emma looks for the perfect spot to place her ornament!
Shirley helped us fill in the hard to reach spots!
Emma was in a festive mood - Dancing to the holiday music!
Izzy adds some final touches - stay tuned...
The staff assists residents in the Rehab Neighborhood decorating the tree.
Madelyn B. a volunteer from Villa Joseph Marie HS assists the residents decorating the tree.
Pickering Manor Auxiliary donated beautiful flower arrangements for our Independent Living Residents (Apartments, Cottages and Personal Care). The love and support you show our residents is truly amazing! More surprises are coming for the remaining neighborhoods! Stay tuned...
German C., Director of Housekeeping and Laundry, prepares to help deliver these beautiful arrangements to our residents.
They looked even prettier in person!
Our residents loved them!
Michelle Knobloch, CEO, hosts a lovely holiday social dinner for the Cottage Residents.
The group even posed for a holiday photo. Thank you!
Our Culinary/Dietary Staff does it again! Looks delicious!
The Spirit Committee announced the arrival of "Shelfie" this week. To win the staff must use clues to locate Shelfie and take a selfie - now through 12/24!
Named by our very own Personal Care Administrator Donna Van Schaick - who won our Elf Naming Contest!
ADON and Elf Committee President, Jacqui B., displays a poem of a few Sheflie guidelines to follow!
Barbara V. getting in a little Turkey Bowling - minus the frozen turkey!
Loreley H. patiently awaits her turn!
Our Personal Care Residents and Volunteers painted rocks in secrecy to give to the Pickering Staff as a special thank you for all the care and hard work they give.

Each beautifully decorated rock translates to “Thank You” in various languages.
Thank you to our residents and our volunteers for all their love and support!
We set up the beautifully painted rocks so the staff could choose.
Teşekkürler! (thank you in Turkish)
Volunteers (and Cottage Residents), Mae and Mary Ann, assisting Shirley and Sabina with painting the rocks!
We sure felt the love! Thank you to all our wonderful friends, neighbors and staff that showered our residents with love! So many beautifully handcrafted gifts were delivered for our residents, we are so thankful for all of you!
We are forever grateful for the love the Baking With Babies family shows our staff and residents! The love is felt through their extremely creative, thoughtful, loving handmade treasures - and the visits are the best! We are so very lucky to call them our neighbors. These thoughtful treasures were enjoyed by our residents on Thanksgiving Day, thank you! And our creative Activities Staff even found ways to enjoy them next year!
Adorable Liam - "our new postman"!
Liam delivering his handcrafted treasures to CEO, Michelle Knobloch
Happy we will be able to enjoy these thoughtful gifts again next year! Great idea, Liz! (Activities). Pictured: Residents Barbara and Ruth
We are truly grateful!
The Cucarese family showers our residents with beautiful handmade cards with heartfelt messages every holiday and our residents always feel the love (as do we)! Pictured Below: A few of our residents receiving and reading the cards - they truly were moved by this extremely thoughtful act. ADON, Jacqui B. happily delivered the cards to the residents.
Our Personal Care residents meet for their monthly men's club meeting every Tuesday.
Volunteers join our PC Residents "Men's Club." They gracioulsy welcomed me when I asked to take a photo - they are really a great group of gentlemen! Pictured Left to Right: R. Scott, Eugene A., Bob B., Ron K. and Tom P.
So many things to be grateful for! Our residents and staff had their annual Thanksgiving Luncheon!! Thank you to our Dietary Team for preparing this delicious meal, activities for making it so beautiful, our managers who assisted in serving the residents and to all our staff - you make every day wonderful! Traditionally, before the pandemic, we would open our doors the Thursday before Thanksgiving for this special event. We would invite resident family members in to enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving meal with their loved one and the Pickering Manor Family. We feel confident that we will be able to welcome back our tradition next year! 
Our Personal Care Residents enjoying their meal.
SaraJane D. enjoying her meal.
Jacqui B., ADON, serves up some delicious Thanksgiving meals for our residents in our Rehab Neighborhood.
Personal Administrator, Donna V. and Ryan, Dietary Cook, serve our residents in the Personal Care Neighborhood.
CEO, Michelle Knobloch, serves Chelsea, CNA.
Michelle K. and Meri L., Memory Care Administrator set up desserts for staff.
Andrea E., Activities, and German C., Director of Housekeeping and Laundry, serve up meals for the staff in the main kitchen.
Matteo S., dietary cook, serves the delicious meal the dietary staff prepared.
Yummy! Thank you to our Dietary Staff for such a delicious meal!
German C. serves up some pumpkin pie to the staff!
Saviour W. enjoys her meal with a resident.
Pickering Manor Staff Paula V. and Lisa M. enjoy their Thanksgiving Meal together.
Our staff did a beautiful job making the Resident /Staff Thanksgiving Luncheon special!
"I can't cook a Thanksgiving dinner. All I can make is cold cereal and maybe toast." Happy Charlie Brown Thanksgiving! This year we started a tradition, the day before our Thanksgiving Dinner with our residents, we partake in a Charlie Brown style Thanksgiving, complete with toast (bagels), popcorn and jelly beans!!!! Mmmmm!
It is not too late to be a part of our Capital Campaign!
We have reached 70% of our goal of $1.5 million. We encourage all potential and existing donors to explore doubling their gift through their employer’s Matching Gift program. You can give online or call our Development Department for more information at (215) 968-3878 ext. 1112.
Pickering Manor offers a monthly online Dementia Support Group
The support group helps caregivers in Newtown and our surrounding communities stay social and supported during these unprecedented times. 

The group discusses the emotional and mental well-being of caregivers, preventing burn out, enhancing the understanding of the disease process, and creating a supportive network with other caregivers in the community.

For more information/sign up: Meri Luarasi, Memory Care Administrator, at (215) 968-3878 or email her here.
Monthly: Every First Tuesday @10am
Location: Virtual
Thank you for helping your neighbors most at risk for homelessness and food insecurity.

We will continue to collect as long as there is a need.
We can't thank our staff, donors, volunteers, and friends in the community for dropping off donations in our food box in the vestibule of the Sidney T. Yates Pavilion. Because of your generosity, we have donated several full boxes of food and toiletries over the last year to the Wrightstown Food Cupboard. These donations are also distributed to other area food pantries whose shelves run low.

If you or someone you know would like to schedule a time to use the Cupboard or to donate directly, please call and leave a message for Mitch at (215) 598-3661.
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Pickering Manor

Located in Newtown, PA, Pickering Manor is a non-profit senior-living facility offering Independent Living consisting of 10 semi-detached cottages and 24 senior rental apartments. In 2020, Pickering Manor launched its largest expansion to date; the 26,000 square foot Sidney T. Yates Pavilion complete with a state-of-the-art rehab, 15 Short-Term Rehab rooms, and 15 Personal Care rooms are now open.

In 2021, Pickering Manor will finish renovations to the existing "Pickering Pavilion" to include a 32 -bed renovated Skilled Nursing unit and a 21-bed certified Memory Care unit.

Pickering was founded in 1963 and is the only 5-star community-owned and operated continuing care retirement community (CCRC) in Pennsylvania.