Pickering Soccer Centre Update
February 19, 2021
What is the current status for the Dome?
Hello Facility Users,

As noted last Friday, with the Durham Region in the Red/Control level of the provincial framework, sports and recreational fitness facilities are restricted to a capacity of 10 people. It was expected that we would remain in this tier for a minimum of two weeks before reassessment by the government.

For the PSC, this limits us to just 10 people in the dome at one time; with no games or scrimmages allowed (training only); masking and physical distancing; and all visitors must provide contact information. Therefore, at this time, we are not taking any bookings in the facility - most of our users typically play games.

We are planning for potentially resuming our external bookings in a limited manner if and when we are upgraded to the Orange/Restrict level of the framework.

This arrangement could start in early March, but on the other hand, it may not happen until later in March, or even April. Given the concern regarding the spread of Coronavirus variants, we have no way of knowing which way this will go.
Red / Control --> Orange / Restrict
What we need to know from you, in order to properly plan, is whether you are interested in resuming activities under the Orange framework.

Group sizes will likely still be limited to 10 participants on a quarter field, and games and scrimmages will now be permitted. Bookings will be restricted to 90 minutes and the safety measures we are all now accustomed to will apply (ie: distancing and masking combined with frequent cleaning and hand washing).

If you have a small group (limited to 10 participants including coaches) and are interested in resuming activities in the Orange tier, please get in touch with Lisa, our Facility Booking Supervisor as soon as possible via the email button below to see if sessions can be scheduled.

It is important that you share your intentions with us so that we can ensure you are included in our plan! Until then, please stay home as much as possible and remember to follow the recommended safety measures!

You can visit Ontario.ca to get more information on the revised framework.
Our website will continue to be the ‘go to’ place for all the information you need on the Club and the Facility. 

We attempt to respond to all emails and voice messages within one business day, but email is the preferred method of contact.