November Newsletter: Issue #11

Accounting Therapy Had A Blast 
At Torrance Chamber's Business Expo!!

Here's how it went:

The business expo was the afternoon of Tuesday October 17th, our team worked hard on the giveaways and setting up our booth!

We had so much fun meeting guests at the expo and other local businesses! 

We gave away shirts, chapsticks, toys, moonpies, a rocket cocktail shaker, and - our most popular gift - ROCKET COOKIES!!! 

We had a BLAST and can't wait till next year's expo!! 
Accounting Therapy is proud to attend QuickBooks Connect, starting tomorrow (Nov. 16-17th)!  We're getting so excited to see everyone in San Jose!
How Much Do You Need To Earn 
To Buy A House In The L.A. Area?

The minimum income needed to afford a house in the L.A. area has increased according to t he California Association of Realtors housing affordability index released earlier this month.  

See what you need to earn to buy a house in Los Angeles, Orange County and the Inland Empire areas here:

If you are out or running low on paper checks or other business supplies, we suggest trying ChecksForLess.  Accounting Therapy has been ordering checks from  ChecksForLess for our clients and our own business checks for years.  They offer great discounts and make it easy to figure out which type of check you need to order.

Ordering through your bank or other vendors can cost more for the same products, so bookmark this page if you think you can save on your next order.  
QuickBooks 2018 Is Here

The newest version of QuickBooks is available!

Remember, our relationship with Intuit enables us to offer you exclusive access to the best pricing available on QuickBooks and all Intuit products.  

Reply to this email or call (310) 791-1230 to speak with a specialist who can discuss what options will work best for you.  

You can also visit our website to view more information on each product and start a free trial of QuickBooks Enterprise.  
Contact us by Friday, November 17th to get up to 45% off our QuickBooks Enterprise subscription!
Make Your Email More Productive: 

If you're using Outlook, consider these helpful tools and tips to organize your email.   There are quite a few and some are lesser known hacks, so if you're using Outlook it's certainly worth checking out:

What Exactly is "The Cloud?"

As many of us already know, m ore and more businesses are making the change to the infamous ' Cloud' ...but what is cloud computing exactly?  

In very basic terms, the Cloud is a term referring to network setups in which the user(s)  access their applications, services and information over the internet.  

This means that instead of saving all files and other programs on your computer's local hard drive, you can access the data from your other devices (think phones, laptops, other computers remotely, etc.)  

Learn more about how The Cloud specifically works and check out examples of some popular services, here: 

A Quick Tip for QuickBooks Users:
Customize Reports In QuickBooks
Learn How to Customize Reports In QuickBooks and then E-mail reports to recipients.

Important Announcement For 
QuickBooks Enterprise Users!

If you are a QuickBooks Enterprise user, y ou may have heard from us or Intuit recently about your Full Service Plan changing to a new subscription model on your renewal date.  

This is good news!  At your next Full Service Plan renewal, Intuit will be updating your subscription to the new and improved annual subscription plan at Intuit's standard pricing.  All QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Desktop customers will be included in this new model.

What does this mean for you?   The change will not result in any loss of existing features or benefits, in fact you will gain new ones.  We are happy to discuss all the added benefits and how this change affects you. 
Deep discounts are available to you!  Here's the kicker - as Intuit Premier Resellers - Intuit is allowing us to offer our customers deep discounts on the new subscription model.  You will not
automatically receive this pricing, it is only available to those who renew their subscription through us and you could save some serious cash. 

Please contact our office to see how much we can save you. 

(310) 791-1230

Intuit Reaffirms Commitment to 
Fight Against Tax Cyber Fraud

Brad Smith, CEO of Intuit, recently spoke at a recent IRS Security Summit and reaffirmed Intuit's commitment to the joint government-industry fight against tax cyber fraud, saying in part:

"American taxpayers are still under siege from cyber criminals, so we remain steadfast in our commitment to fight tax cyber fraud.  We're proud of the progress being made.  

But there's still much work to do. We have the opportunity to build on existing trusted customer requirements to continuously improve taxpayer authentication.  As technology advances, we must continue to innovate to protect taxpayer information.  And for those taxpayers who become victim of tax fraud, it is imperative that we collectively provide faster, better relief and assistance to those who depend on us."

If you'd like to read the full article, click the following link :

Hope You All Have a Great November 
and a Very Happy Thanksgiving!

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